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Busted Ass Fixed

Bike tags: Fixed gear | BEER | fixed | peugeot
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103 Peugeot 56 80s

cut Specialized MTB riser bars

stock stock


velocity flip/flop

Specilized MTB/ Stock

1/8 inch

This is a Junker fixed gear I built one afternoon literally out of parts I had laying around. I just built it up to sell. The only notable feature is that I filed the rear derailleur hanger into a bottle opener. Cheers.

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why would you even post this?

nobody wants to see pictures of your "busted ass" peugeot. save em for CL dude.

whoa whoa whoa man, words

whoa whoa whoa man, words hurt ya know. Naw I'm just kiddn' no hard feelings. Plus I did post it on craigslist and turned that pile of parts into 300 bones. So stick that in your bitter old pretentious pipe and smoke it.


He 'knows no limits' of velospace posting etiquette... Hioh!!

Seriously though, at least he gave his images unique names and didn't have the "WTF, that's not my bike!!" first post. The worst.

Edit: I might have spoke too soon about the unique names bit... Oh darn.

DOOOOOOOD! thats why I was

DOOOOOOOD! thats why I was getting random pics up there. Thanks for the tip.

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