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Silver Tiemeyer Signature Custom Track

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Tiemeyer Signature Custom Track/54cm/2012

3T Scatto 35cm/Silver Thomson X2 110 (not pictured), white Yoshida Champ grips (not pictured)

Alpina carbon track/Chris King

Suntour Superbe Pro/Zipp 808/Vittoria Pista 16h, 1x, tied & soldered

Zipp 900 OR Suntour Superbe Pro/Zipp 808/Vittoria Pista, 20h, 2x, tied & soldered

FSA Carbon Track 165mm/FSA

Concor Light/silver Thomson Elite 27.2

Look Keo 2 Max/KMC Z:

(pictured) 51x15/Blackspire 51t/Sunour 15t/Campagnolo chainring bolts

Made for me by David Tiemeyer in June 2012.

*Unfortunately, this bike was decomissioned on August 4, 2013. A crash in the madison at masters nationals (Major Taylor Velodrome, Indianapolis) has left the frame in two pieces. Pictures #3 and 4.

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R.I.P. Silver Tiemeyer Signature Custom Track! See pictures #3 and 4.


go to the website... looks like they've closed up... go figure

That's the big

That's the big disappointment. I had that frameset custom built for me and it fit so well. I was lucky enough to find another Tiemeyer with a very similar geometry.

Jesus how did that happen?

Jesus how did that happen? And does Tiemeyer have anything to say about this?

3 guys crashed pretty high

3 guys crashed pretty high up on the track and were sliding down. There just wasn't enough time or space to go uptrack. I hit the pile at around 30mph.
I can definitely tell you that the accident caused the frame failure, not the other way around. I had a conversation with Tiemeyer about repair, and he said with the frame material being aluminum and the complexity of the miters all along the top tube, especially where it's let into the seat tube, repair was not feasible, advisable, or safe. I have since picked up another Tiemeyer frameset and may even pick up another. Would be building it up now, but I have a broken hand (among other things).


i would think this is actually a testament to it's good construction, it sheared the metal past the weld which indicates a strong weld. you must have hit the ground hard. hope youre healing up ok

Yes, the way the frame

Yes, the way the frame failed, it's clear that the aluminum tubing itself was the weakest link in the system. The Alpina carbon fork is cracked as well.
Me-getting better every day. I have no recollection of the actual impact through waking up in the hospital. Broken hand, clavicle, ribs, bad road rash... Imagining what it takes to break two aluminum tubes clean through, I feel extremely lucky!

cool time machine

cool time machine

Inconclusive. The work

Inconclusive. The work involved begs the question: why not just buy wheels with tight bladed spokes?

It's kind of an unproven superstition vs. technological fact. Solder isn't really actually strong enough to KEEP wheels from flexing at all....and you can BUY stiffer, stronger wheels. So....yeah.

HB-I'm a Suntour man. So

HB-I'm a Suntour man. So whenever possible, I build up wheels around hubs I have. As for tied and soldered, I've been racing T&S wheels for 20 years. It's just what I do.

did you solder the spokes?

did you solder the spokes?

That's what it says.

That's what it says.

is it because it wont get

is it because it wont get untrued later on?

It's supposed to increase

It's supposed to increase wheel stiffness. And you can still true the wheels with them on.

it also

it also keeps spokes from going all over in the event that they break, because they are attached to other spokes

oh i see, thanks for the

oh i see, thanks for the info

Guys-Montana at Breakaway

Guys-Montana at Breakaway Bikes (Philadelphia) built, tied, and soldered the wheels. Very pleased with the work!


Am I stupid, or are there 20 spokes? Your description says 16h

I count 16.

I count 16.

EDIT: The closeup does count 20, the full bike shots count 16.

I like it! A lot!

I like it! A lot!


Is this beauty for sale? and what is the length from the center of the crank to the seat post?

As for the sale question,

As for the sale question, see photos # 3 and 4.

66.4 cm from center of bb to

66.4 cm from center of bb to center of seat rail

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