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F. MOSER LEADER AX / 57cm / 1995

Soma HWY ONE 42cm / Cinelli 1A 110mm or 3ttt Pro Chrome Corsa 120mm

Moser unicrown (Oria KK) / Stronglight

Campagnolo Vento or Record hub / Omega 19 / Continental Gatorskins

Campagnolo Vento or Record hub / Omega 19 / Continental Gatorskins

Record 175mm / Record

Concor Supercorsa / Timec quill-post

Shimano 105 / Campagnolo Record 9sp

Record Ti / Record Ti RD & FD


Serfas two-tone bartape / Campy cableset / Crane Suzue bell

My pride and joy.

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Titty Blastin'

Love this! I love the Vento's/Shamal's on smaller tube frames (would have said steel frames, but this looks great assuming it's AL). I need a frame for my campy track group. I aquired a front Campy Shamal Track to go with it. I need a rear and will probably have to build one from a roadie because they're so hard to find!

Thanks for your comment! The

Thanks for your comment! The Moser is actually constructed of silver fillet-brazed Oria Cromovan double-butted steel tubing. IMO this frame represents the pinnacle of "modern" framebuilding in the Italian tradition, which is now nearly finnito. Oria sourced their steel from Mannesman, and I believe I read that this tubeset is their equivalent of Columbus MAX (read: ovalized, oversized, etc). I need to take some detail shots of the frame. I actually saw a set of black-rimmed track Shamals on eBay recently Those are hot! Good luck with your build!

Ha, I was going to assume

Ha, I was going to assume some sort of fillet brazed steel at first but did a super quick google search and one of the first F. MOSER I saw was AL. Oh well. The tubing sounds awesome, good fit for the bike.

I've seen the black Shamals too, super sweet! They were the last run I believe. The track versions go for crazy dollars though. I stumbled into mine.

This is a beautiful bike!

This is a beautiful bike! Since a long time I`m looking for some similar rims (Campagnolo Atlanta).
Upgrading my Moser to STI brake levers will be my project for the winter. An old steel frame with STI shifting system is the perfect bike in my eyes.

Odd that as an AX specific

Not a damn thing is AX, except the seatpost that you mention, and shimano didn't make a quill type stamped AX.
I've always loved the look of the AX group and am only waiting on a stem to complete a restoration project.

I'm not sure I follow you.

I'm not sure I follow you. Did I state somewhere that this was built with a DA Ax group?

The Leader Ax is named for

The Leader Ax is named for Team Chateau d'Ax, which is itself after Ax-les-Thermes/Ax Trois Domaines in the Ariege Pyrenees. Up until a certain point in the 80's these Leaders were outfitted with Campy (this particular one has Shimano-UF drop-outs), and thereafter with Shimano. Though since this frame is from the mid-90's, I don't think an Ax group from the early 80's would be appropriate or "specific" for the bike. So I'm not sure I follow you.

Damn fine bike

It's officially been added to the Pink Moser Cluster, I think it qualifies ;)


fu*%ing guud! Thing is tits as is, chorus or record would put it over the top.. congrats :D

Nice machine

I bought a Campagnolo quill stem from a really good seller in Hungary. His name is Geoff Burgess and is English. The site is:-
His prices are competitive and he has a lot of good equipment.

Kindest regards

I think I may have bought

I think I may have bought the modolo levers that are on my bianchi off of him

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