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jan janssen aero 1982

Bike tags: Road bike
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jan janssen 56cm 1982?


steel aero/ 600ax

shimano 600ax/mavic ma2/ continental

shimano 600ax/mavic ma2/ continental

shimano dura ace ax/ shimano


dura ace ax/shimano

600ax aero

600 ax aero


groupset acquired for £46 frame for £70 a project to see how the old aero groupset functioned, which is excellent apart from the brakes which are a little touch and go!

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I would keep this as it is. It's a beauty and should in this condition be in a museum.
Kindest regards

Very nice bike there, a name

Very nice bike there, a name with good pedigree. I saw a new set of Modolo aero levers/brakes on fleabay that would fit this scheme nicely, however they are black ano. Or you may chance to redo the cables/housing (esp. that front entry angle looks steep) and see if it's not smoother. Euro routing looks lefty to me, but that's neither here nor there. Anyhow, Your frame harkens back to 70's styling with that cable routing, esp the dropout loop. I know they had internal routing by this time.
I recently picked up a Faggin with similar profile tubing and had the idea it was '83-84, and believe it is SL/Air, but with traditional shifter mounts. You may be interested in seeing and I will post in a week or so when I get the wheelset mounted.
Oh yes sorry for going on, just enjoy the ride!

The Modolos Kronos brakes

The Modolos Kronos brakes are black plastic


Came in white and black, the Orion came in white only, but both are ridiculously light, with better than average stopping power, very well suited for TT.

Interesting Frameset

A precursor of aero tubing we have now.

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