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Path road Mercian 1954

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Mercian Path/Road 54cm 1954



Airlite Large Flange/Mavic/ Vittoria tubs/ double butted chrome spokes

Airlite Large Flange Double Fixed/Mavic/ Vittoria tubs/double butted chrome spokes


Brooks with saddle bag loops/ Aluminium seat post

Brampton steel/Reynolds 1/8inch


GB Sport with Arret levers and ribbed outer cable

1/8 inch sproket 20 tooth on one side, 18 the other, 46 front 1/8inch stronglight chainring.


This is a superb Mercian path road fixed steel machine from 1954.The lug work is brilliant and are lined in blue. The forks are classic to the period and are round to round section. The machine is very comfortable to ride and as I am from the same period it brings back fond memories of kitting up and riding to the early morning TT's,and then riding home afterwards. A really great club feeling.
And yes I know the chain is slack for the moment. I have just put the blessed thing on and will adjust accordingly. I also have a superb set of Lyotard MB23 pedals in NOS I am toying with putting on this machine plus a sloping Cinelli track stem in chrome but that would take away from the period feeling of this particular machine.
I am looking for some Clement or Pirelli silk tubs. Anyone have any ?
The pump is a Silca pump with a Campag push on adapter and a Campag top mushroom clamp.All NOS.

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i love the color, and the lug lining. outdoor pictures, please!


Thanks, but it's about the bike not its surroundings.
Kindest regards


for not being clear. the surroundings are not important, but rather the lighting and how it would bring out the colors of the bike, which are so nice.

No worries

I will be getting this machine into proper lighting down by Hac Sa beach.
Kindest regards

This is the sort of thing

I love to see on here. Wonderful collection piece.


Much appreciated. I put this together because it's a show stopper and to show that you don't need carbon and high end gizmos to feel that you are a cyclist. I also have a Carradice saddle bag from the period that I will fit. It's suitably delapidated. I have a couple of other projects underway. One is a gorgeous Harry Quinn from 1973. This one will be Equiped hrough out with Campag Nouvo Record. The frame is a tad battered but I won't respray it. It also features the Quinn famous fast back seat stays.
Kindest regards


The Harry Quinn sounds superb as well ;)

It is

I will post when I finally assemble it. The only thing not correct on it is the Campagnolo Lamda rims. Fiamme or Mavic would of been better. Just seen a Holdsworth Mistral frame from 1968 and I am tempted.
Kindest regards

Wonderful Projects

Yes, that is my cup of tea. I just acquired a first generation Chorus gruppo for a Bob Jackson project and also have a unknown path racer under way. I've got to build up the wooden rims and eventually get the proper sew ups, but I do have a Major Taylor adjustable stem along with a Chater Lea skip tooth drive train already. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

1 inch pitch

Thats brilliant.
Have you looked at Hilary Stones site recently. He has some superb new/old stock that you might be interested in.
Kindest regards

Thanks for the info.

Yes, he sounds familiar. I know I've seen his items on eBay before. I just bidded on several pairs of tubulars so I'll have to hold off on other stuff for the time being.

one inch pitch

He also sells one in pitch sets, Chainset,rear cogs and block chain.
Kindest regards

Thanks for the Info

Yes, the drivetrains for an inch pitch are a challenge to attain. Fortunately, I have the chain, cog, and crankset. Correct tubulars are the main concern now.

One inch pitch explained

If you have not seen this, you should have a look.

Very informative.

Kindest regards

Fascinating Track Bike Info

Thanks for sharing the information about the inch pitch block chain. Although the one I have is the roller type, a block chain would be fun to try out.

One inch pitch

What cranks are you using? I am getting 6,7,8,9, and 10 tooth rear cogs matched to a 23 tooth front tooth Pre war Chater Lea crankset. Hopefully I can source CL pedals from the period as well.
Kindest regards

Chater Lea

Wow, a 23t pre war Chater Lea crankset! Now that's rare. Mine is a 3 bolt cottered crank. The chainring is 24t and the cog is 7t. I was lucky enough to acquire the pedals in good condition. I'll be using Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs.


Speaking of which , I have just bought 4 Tufo Elite Jet tubs. 160 grams. They are superb. Expensive but superb.
Kindest regards

Tufo Tires are Smooth.

Fast tires and yes, they are expensive. Since I'm on a budget, I ended up getting some used Clements and Wolbers.

Good choice

Nothing wrong With Clement or Wolber. I am still trying to source the older Pirelli Silks. To no avail.
Kindest regards

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