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Blackmarket NSF 55cm

Answer Protaper Carbon / Easton Havoc DH 50mm

blkmrkt 40oz / blkmrkt ano blue

All City New Sheriff / Deep-V HALO / DT Swiss 15ga double-butted / Resist Nomad

All City New Sheriff / Deep-V HALO / DT Swiss 15ga double-butted / Resist Nomad

Profile NoBoss Cranks / Resist Euro BB

Spank Starburst / Easton Haven Carbon

Octane One Pro (ano blue) / YNOT iMINUSD straps / Spank Half-Link Chain

Tree Spline Drive 39t cog / Resist 15t cog

Built from the frame up to be one tough bastard of a street bike for riding around Boston's potholes.

caveat, seatpost in pic is not the Haven, was riding a ritchey WCS carbon, which broke, and the truvativ was a temporary thing!

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I like this bike...

I've been thinking about a similar build for a summer/winter commuter bike (something I can throw wide CX tires on). I say good job.

To all of you being a bunch of buttholes: I think you forgot that building up a bike is about individuality. Who cares what you would have done. It isn't your bike and you're not riding it. If you don't like it, look away and shut up, ya dicks.

what a boring world this

what a boring world this would be if people didn't lend their opinion...whether desired or not.

James, you're not lending an

James, you're not lending an opinion at all. You're being a pretentious shithead about who can be called a photographer or not.

I like this site because of the opinions, but it's the way people try to push their opinions, and how they dole them out that really bothers me.

It's like the old saying: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


true that...trueee that. but i simply cant resist

Blue chain

Is a bit cheezey, i like the rest of it :D

Cheers to that. The frame is

Cheers to that. The frame is rock solid, and there's space to spare with the 35c's on there. Get some goggles and start riding through blizzards.


i like the raw frame with the black components and the blue accents. the blue lables on the tyres is a nice touch.

Thanks man. I seem to get

Thanks man. I seem to get most compliments on the bike about the matching blue tire stamp!


This site is great until you realize everyone on here is just a bike snob/hater. Its his bike he can do what he wants. Im sure hes not building it to impress u



It seems you're really into carbon, and I'm curious why you would have such heavy components/heavy frame mixed with carbon? You broke a seat post, maybe you would be better off saving weight on other components that won't hurt you if they fail? It's your bike, I'm just wondering about your choices.

The Ritchey was just

The Ritchey was just something I had lying around that I used, broke it landing on the seat after a mild jump. Obviously a WCS seatpost isn't meant to hold up to anything near that kind of abuse! In all fairness, I'm just a carbon geek. I mostly ride the bike around the city, so it's primary purpose was to absorb road vibrations (hence the bars & seatpost). The goal for this build was to build it strong and avoid using typical 'fyxd' shite parts.

Better parts make for a

Better parts make for a better bike. I was confused when you didn't build up a bike that was on the spectrum of light and stiff or tough and comfortable. Carbon geeks are ok in my book, as long as they know what they're sacrificing (safety, durability for stiffness and weight). You missed the boat in terms of trying to find non-typical 'fyxd' parts. The pedals, straps and chain are the first parts that come to mind. I completely understand people don't know what to buy when they start out, do some research, ask questions, that's why you're here, and that's why we are here. Find out what's best for you, install it, and try it out. A bike should have one function, build a trick bike and a commuter, you're better off finding parts for one, than parts that encompass both.

The parts are a very good

The parts are a very good compliment for one another IMO, but hey, it's my bike. With the frame I chose, I was never going to be able to build a properly light bike. And as a message to all the carbons haters saying it's brittle, etc. etc. If you knew anything about the parts, you'd be aware that they're built for AM/FR MTB, and stress tested for rigors far beyond street riding. If I were planning on 360ing 10 stair sets, it might be an issue, but I know that isn't in my future anytime.

The answers to all your

The answers to all your questions and more lies in the first picture


If you're referencing the skinny jeans, that's actually one of my friends. A photographer from Brooklyn. Was hanging out and messing about with fancy camera gear.

people use the term

people use the term 'photographer' way too loosely nowadays. owning a dslr doesn't earn you the term 'photographer'. neither does making a fb page or making up your own 'online studio'.

as for the's straight up whack. dont break the handlebar and go down eating stem. really...please dont...thatd suck.

And some people are far too

And some people are far too quick to jump to conclusions... When you start getting flown to Hawaii to do photoshoots with models, let me know, I might take you seriously then.




sippin' too much haterade right now. i need a break.

I see a heavy bike, and

I see a heavy bike, and unreliable carbon components (broken seat post), now you know carbon fiber is stiff, and I don't have to tell you it's brittle under conditions it's not designed for. I don't know if NcA uses this bike for tricks or commuting. My main question was why make the effort to build up a bike with some carbon fiber parts that could break when he has heavy parts that could be changed out for lighter parts, chain, pedals, seat. The weight loss of the carbon components is marginal, and irrelevant when building a tough bike.





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