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1938-41 schwinn PARAMOUNT track bike- ser# 123

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prewar schwinn paramount ser#123 - Watsyn built





original skip tooth

i have had contradicting info on the age of this bike. most of these prewar models have an A prefix in front of serial #. mine does not, but has all the specs of a prewar Watsyn built schwinn. can anyone tell , by the features, how i can verify it is a prewar watsyn built schwinn. thanks for any info

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uh, WOW! ::drools::

uh, WOW! ::drools::



DT decal

i fucking love it!
ah schwinn...

good lord

oh, my, goodness.

Paramount Registry for early Schwinn Paramounts

Very nice bike! I am maintaining a registry of information on surviving Paramounts at

Could you tell me if your serial number is just plain "123" or is there an "A" preceding it? Thanks!

my paramount #

it is just plain "123"


Was it restored or just kept in excellent condition over the years!? Is everything original? She's a beauty!


it was restored by the previous owner a few years ago. about 95% original

Most expensive...

bike on velospace for sure!

i doubt it

i seriously doubt this is the most expensive bike on velospace .
its a nice bike . and to the owner , you did get lucky . hang it on the wall .

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