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Centurion Elite RS         Featured Bike! on 07/23/2012

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Centurion Elite/ 58 / 1984

Sakae Custom / ? Chromoly

Kinlin / Ultegra 6700

Kinlin / Ultegra 6700

SRAM Rival / GXP


Shimano / Sram

Dura-Ace 9sp/ Suntour Sprint 9000/ Shimano 105

Shimano 105 / Shimano 600


Another bike I put together from stuff I've been accumulating. I repainted the frame because the original paint was bad. I wanted a metallic mint green but couldn't find the right color so I got impatient and thought I'd try the copper tone.
Recently added a SRAM Rival crank and Kinlin/Ultegra wheelset, this really is a fine riding bike.

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You removed the braze-on?

Great job on the bike. I assume you removed the shifter DT braze-ons. Looks fine either way. The Elite RS was a fine frame. Great job, also, on the odd 1055-1056 finish. I have no idea what Shimano was thinking in those days.

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

This frame didn't have any

This frame didn't have any shifter braze-ons, just a little block that the single mount for the DT shifters. I really don't like brifters and have now converted this to Dura Ace DT shifter via a down tube clamp. I guess I'm one of the very few folks that like to go backward with technology.

DT braze-ons..

My bad, I didn't notice 1984 for the model year. If it's anywyhere near as smooth as the next level down, the Lemans RS, it's a silky ride (had the same bump for the DT shiters)...

Looks so good, it may as well be new, anyway. I hear you on the DT's, I just bought some SunRace 9-sp DT's....

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

Dt shifters are the bees

Dt shifters are the bees knees

I like this thing.Everythig

I like this thing.Everythig looks nice and clean. Color is just fine, and the wheels, well, mabye if the stickers went off, it would look better, even more clean.
Enjoy, beautiful machine

More Centurions Welcome

Beautiful re-do on a fine platform.Looks Great!

Looks rad! I would change

Looks rad!
I would change the wheels but that's just me!
You should definitely be happy with this build.


hOLA!, I also exchange the wheels, but that also only in me, looks excellent, cranckset is so good, the weather looks good, enjoy the rides, "Sweet Dreams on the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz. From Mexico DF.

Thanks, I would like to have

Thanks, I would like to have some better wheels but these will have to do for now, too many bikes and not enough $.
After tensioning, greasing and properly adjust the hubs these wheels aren't bad at all.

Great job on this. Lovely

Great job on this. Lovely color, what brand paint did you use/? Very simple and nice. It really shines.

I painted it with the

I painted it with the Dupli-Color paint sold at the local auto parts store. It's not as durable as a real polyurethane or a powder coat but should last quite a while with care. When I get the money I'll take it down for powder coat

brake reach ?

What is the reach of these brakes ? It seems as if you could perfectly mount 25mm tires, maybe even 28mm, AND STILL there would be room for fenders, if necessary. That gives a perfect commuter and winter training bike !

You did indeed an EXCELLENT job here ! ... I wish this type would be still on sale, not necessarily from Centurion.

These are short reach brakes

These are short reach brakes and there is room for 28mm, I think, at least that's what I plan to put on. The current tires are just some old ones I had laying around. We'll see about fenders, the rear tire doesn't have much clearance.



Nice Centurion!! Added to my Centurion cluster


Nice example of a elegantly clean lugged steel build, not at all a fan of quill adapters, but it seems to flow better than most.

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