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LOOK 496 carbon track bike         Featured Bike! on 07/17/2012

Bike tags: Track bike | 496 | look | look 496 | track bike
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LOOK 496

bontrager track

bontrager track

sugino 75

fizik arione


grocery getter ....... gets me to the grocery store FAST !

Just kidding! ....just wanted to see what people would comment. I got this frame off a ex pro track racer who won state champion on this in about 2005. He raced this for a few years. Originally had the ergostem, but he had this stem custom made for him. Normally the stem is raised a bit, because with the nitto 123's , the drops were too low for legal racing. He raced this frame with the mavic IO / comete wheelset(i already sold), dura ace pista cranks, 50x14t gearing, dura ace pedal, and 123 nittos - This frame is not light as some people might think- built heavy for stiffness- it is much heavier than the cheap (be excellent) planet x track frame i had recently- i know this is not set up for professional use

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This is a true track machine. Meant to make left turns only!

love love love these frames.

love love love these frames. btw, I got the sarcasm right away. it's too good of a frame to take something like that seriously.

Psssssh put a Cetma 7 rail

Psssssh put a Cetma 7 rail rack on that thing and you are good to go!


...but this is just gross.

I'm all for you building what you want, but there's some problems with this one.

1) This thing should NEVER be a "grocery getter". That's like slapping the people who designed this thing in the face. Show some respect.

2) This frameset deserves MUCH better components than the mediocre stuff that's currently on it.

3) You should sell this to someone who isn't going to GET GROCERIES with it, and actually plans on using it for it's intended purpose. Then you can take that huge grip of money and build a bike suitable for grocery shopping.

And if you are just joking, which I sincerely hope you are, then by all means enjoy your awesome frame and that's about it.


Looks like someone took the bait...

well, I hope he wasn't

well, I hope he wasn't fishing for compliments :-/

He literally said "just

He literally said "just kidding" on the first line of the next paragraph.

That was later when he added

That was later when he added the Just kidding. He added it cause people like2fast really thought it was a food store bike for somereason.



When you decide soon to

When you decide soon to unload this new build onto Fleabay or elsewhere, please let me know. I know you often ask only a premium highest market price when you sell your bike stuff, but I've been looking for this model/color for awhile, so who knows. I'm also in LA area and would love to properly build this bike up for actual track racing only.


So do you just lurk at ADT and buy people's old bikes?

I would

If I could get something like this.


Do you follow me around on here and comment after everything I say lol

We all follow you and want

We all follow you and want to comment on everything you comment on!!!!!!!


I sense sarcasm...

Yes. Yes you do. Very good

Yes. Yes you do. Very good of you to catch that.
Ps. What veggie said

i stalk you on facebook

i stalk you on facebook


I cycle-stalk you.

i gps every move you do

i gps every move you do

because you're the

because you're the nightstalker! dun dun dun


Would get you there faster with dual iO's.

Needs a basket then

Needs a basket then


do they make carbon fiber baskets?

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