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Parker's Tommasini w/ Dura Ace 7402 (SOLD)

Bike tags: Road bike
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Tommasini Comp Columbus SP / 58 c-t / 199x

Cinelli 66-42 / Cinelli 1a 120mm

Stock Panto'd Columbus Air / Shimano 600

Shimano 600 Tricolor / Mavic Matrix SUP / Panaracer Pasela

Shimano 600 Tricolor / Mavic Open Pro / Panaracer Pasela

Shimano Dura Ace FC-7402 172.5mm / Velo Orange

Beater Selle Italia Flite Ti / Trash

Eggbeaters / SRAM

Dura Ace FD-7402 8 Speed indexed / Dura Ace RD-7402 8 SIS

Dura Ace BR-7402 / Dura Ace BL-7401

53/39 : 12-27

Great Craigslist find, built from a 200 dollar frame (rad deal) and the parts off an old Lemond I bought for 300 dollars on Craigslist as well (another rad deal).
Total build cost after cables, housings, etc. was only 550 dollars!
Very stoked, it rides really, really stiff because of the beefy SP tubing.


Build Thread

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Absolutely beautiful frame! Can't wait to own some Italian steel myself.

You & I

make mirror moves it seems. First we both get nice Italian tracks, now we both have nice classic Italian lightweights with shimano 600 dt and Flites.


Good taste I suppose.

I take it from Veggie's


Wut? I see my name so I am


I see my name so I am naturally curious. Esplain right meow

I think I asked a dumb

I think I asked a dumb question that was already answered and tried to cover my tracks. Which didn't work...

well then. so, get that bb?

well then.

so, get that bb? yes. good.

Beautiful ride

I am torn between the idea of this bike staying as is...elegant, classic, or classic modern. But I LOVE putting modern parts on old road bikes. It turns them into such bad ass machines.
Also, I have a Bontrager 27.0 390MM seatpost for sale, if you wanted something cheap. It is listed on EBay. Contact me if you are interested. I also have a 130mm quill stem. Nothing fancy but it would work.

he doesnt have this bike

he doesnt have this bike anymore

Eye Candy & Then Some


Deff my favorite bike of

Deff my favorite bike of your stable

A gem!

Find yourself a 7402 aero seatpost and call it done!

I need 27.0! Also, I would

I need 27.0! Also, I would need it to be pretty long.

DA seatpost 27.0

Right here for ya...


He traded the frame away for a pair of tires.


*spits tea across desk*

It was small for me. I

It was small for me. I needed another cm or two in the TT, even with a 12cm stem it was short.
I also broke the driveside dropout, got it fixed for free, but alot of paint was gone. And one of my coaches really wanted it and it fit him better. So I got 300 dollars of tubular cyclocross tires for it.

What was the length of the

What was the length of the top tube on this? I may have something similar going on with my paramount. The seat tube is 58.5 c-c but the top tube is only 56.5, which is really throwing me off.

57. I ride a 59cm tt with a

I ride a 59cm tt with a 120mm stem on my road race bike, and could probably do 130mm.

Man, I would have purchased

Man, I would have purchased it off of you with money I dont have. This is my favorite bike of yours, no offense to the fancy crabons

I really should have kept

I really should have kept it. I still haven't even glued the tubulars I got. I want another frame! I even have dura ace hubs nows to build to some H+son when I have the money.

Oh man you should look for a

Oh man you should look for a billato built marin to keep my 2010-2011 hope alive!


fucking double posts.


Awesome, as usual. Love that frame. Love the 7402 and those bars are perfect on it. What sort of tape is it?
As far as the rival goes I think it could look great with older polished rival, 10 speed chainrings on the 7400 crank and polished rival deraillurs






But no sram rival, are you for serious? Dura ace 7402 is so smooth. This things looks too amazing


I think the dura ace should stay. Love how this turned out!




The paint on that frame looks like new! I say it looks stunning with the DA group

I've got a mavic 130mm

I've got a mavic 130mm.

Edit:forgot to mention, its 26.4 too





Beauty. Wish I could find

Beauty. Wish I could find such a deal. Personally I am a big fan of both DA 7400-02 and 600 but if you are looking to modernize that is understandable- I wouldn't go Rival with this, though. I've used sram extensively and I would say functionally and aesthetically try to go force at least. Or if you can score a similarly great deal on a campy group..a no-brainer. Whatever way you take it, please keep us posted. And congrats!

This bike would look perfect

This bike would look perfect in my hallway

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