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shogun kaze commuter

Bike tags: Single speed | Commuter | Touring
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a new fun way to work...

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700c up front is awesome, my

700c up front is awesome, my buddy had this frame with a 24" on it and he always talked about how it wasn't comfortable to ride. You made it your own, i like

Holy shit!

Relaxed angles much? Looks like your bike had one too many at the bar.. leanin' hard

I would recommend purchasing

I would recommend purchasing this: and building up a new front wheel. Then buy this:

Where's the 650 front

Where's the 650 front fork??!

I agree.

Seems like a gazelle... turned into a mule.

Actually it takes a 24"

Actually it takes a 24" front... But seriously, a 700c up front is a total joke! Look at how relaxed those angles are!

My point was sort of just that...

But starting to think I shouldn't have shared...called it a commuter because I thought it would be a fun project to make this into something I could more comfortably ride daily to work...and that's how I use it...the 24" up front was way too uncomfortable for around town...I like the look of the tipped back angles (they were certainly crazy tipped forward in the first place)...



Spoked wheels + risers + 24"

Spoked wheels + risers + 24" front wheel and fork = coolest commuter ever. It's practical and very unique. That's what I was going to do on my Shogun, but I've decided to sell it instead.

Appreciate all of the comments...


Appreciate all of the comments...

And figured this might not be all that well liked...sillygoose, I have all of those bits, so maybe I'll build the front end up that way and see what feels and looks better around town...and post new , less offensive pics :)

It'll make a great bike with

It'll make a great bike with the OG fork and front wheel. You might want to look into getting an old Salsa stem that has rise to bring the cockpit up to be more comfortable.

Something like this!

+1 I love pursuit bikes with

I love pursuit bikes with risers! Not sure why though...

Didn't mean to start the

Didn't mean to start the hate man...just curious. Never seen one of these without a 24" front.

No worries Jim

Like I said... Didn't expect it to be loved by all...and...I have the 24" fork :)


Gotta have aero wheels on your commuter...what a joke

Don't have to...

But sometimes it's fun. Definitely NOT a requirement.

Life is short

Fuck it! Have fun!

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