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Colnago Titanio Bititan Decor Record Vento G3

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Colnago Titanio Bititan / 1990 +- / 57 x 57

Modolo Q Even/ 3TTT Record '84

Colnago 43mm rake / Campagnolo Chorus gen1

Campagnolo Vento G3 / Gatorskin

Campagnolo Vento G3 / Gatorskin

Campagnolo Choruc 170

flite style / Campagnolo Chorus Aero

NA rusty

Campagnolo nuovo record downtube

Chorus Monoplanar

42/53 - 12 24 8spd


Either my best CL find ever or the beginning of a ridiculous money pit. Paint is in either perfect or horrendous condition depending where you look, top tube were sweat landed is shot, but being titanium the underneath is completely unaffected. Have heard these are one of the most comfortable bikes ever made for epic all day rides, but get a little critcism for being less stellar in the sprints. Already showed her to Al Wanta of Alwanta Bikes about repaint options, Not a huge fan of the typical Decor style though some with a white base coat are head turners. Thinking a Dutch sponsored pro team scheme of either Buckler, or Rabobank. Regardless, the group will be removed and parted out, want the new build to be complete period Record, Or DA. Couple of coin flips coming up

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Rabobank geneology

Kwantum 84-86
Superconfex-Colnago 87-89
Buckler-Colnago 90-92
WordPerfect 93-94
Novell 95
Rabobank 96-Present
Colnago sponsorred until 2009, now Giant
Here is a lesser quality equipted but paint is much better!

how's it

on a fast descents?

have yet to find out

I'm in the middle of a strip down and repaint, Like I said not a fan of the Decor style of layered airbrushing, leaning towards a Rabobank style (Ist generation Dutch American, and my grandparents started a spaarbank (savings) account for me at birth!



My older bro had one of

My older bro had one of these for a while, it was mint, same colour, full DA Groupo. He later sold it, I would've bought it from him but he's 5 inches taller than me. Lovely bike too, the guy he bought it from had a pearl white one for sale also that was close to my size, kicking myself for not buying it. My brother has known the guy for years and he got his (and I would've gotten mine) for a really low price. Shit!

It's ok the way it is,

but the potential for a stellar build is definitely present. Great find!


The more I learn about this bike, the more I'm tempted to put some money into it and bring it into the 21 century. Went to see Russ Denny to pick his brain about the issues with 1st gen titanium. He's going to source some tubes to chop the twin down tubes and replace with modern alloy tubes that arent prone to failure, I may also upgrade the steerer tube to a 1 1/8 sizing, more area to spread forces and modern fork/stem/bar options. I'd like to ride it comfortably (I'm 205) and dont want the tubes that are known to be brittle to fail on me.
Desecration or smart planning? May start a buiuld thread.

Rabobank, please god. Looks

Rabobank, please god.
Looks sweet


buckler scheme FTW ! :D
Is it correct that Buckler was the predecessor of Rabobank, or was it Panasonic ?

Mostly Blue & White

with either one of those schemes.




damn......damn...wait...i mean...


Beauty. So hot.

I was told these were recalled due to weld cracking on the double downtube, but the guy that told me that later blew by me on one in a sprint, haha.

Except for the brake levers, I think that's a complete gen one Chorus group actually.

Your probably correct

The differences at the time were so slight in certain areas. This bike spent its life riding along the coast and was stored in Carlsbad. so all the bare metal will need some attention, but the alloy and titanium are perfect. Not sure why the hell he put Tektros on. Like surgical enhancement with warts!

Chorus details

Yep it's tricky to the non-obsessed, haha.

The Chorus crankset is differentiated from Record by the fact it does not "hide" the 5th spider arm behind the crank, and it has that raised lip that runs around the axle bolt allowing the rest of the arm to be thinner/lighter than Athena. Brakes are Monoplaner too which was only Chorus, later lower tiers. Seatpost has the "shroud" hiding the bolt, while Record just has an arc with visible bolt head.

and after staring at pics

Until my eyes burn, Athena also had a mono planar set, but the are marked Athena under the pad printed shield logo.
So everything is removed except the stem, which is choosing to be stuborn, doing a bit of liguid wrench and will introduce mechanical advance techniques later. The BB is a Centaur sealed bearing, dt shifters are Nuovo record, cranks are only 170's,
The wheelset is amazing ly light and had a lacing pattern that I'm sure could only have been approved by a committee, and not 1 person with four sets of three on each side layed out nearly parralel in groups with the center being a bit longer. I'll have to source a brochure to read about the magic it produces but it is pretty damn awesome.

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