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Pixie Mixte

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Soma Buena Vista Mixte / 54 / 2011

Nitto Albatross 55cm (steel) / Velo Orange Grand Cru (25.4 +/- 6 degree 100mm)

Soma / Grand Cru 1 1/8

Legislator Custom / Specialized sealed bearing / Sun CR-18 / Panaracer Ruffy Tuffy 28c

Legislator Custom / Shimano Alfine / Sun CR-18 / Panaracer Ruffy Tuffy 28c / VO 45mm Hammered Fender

IRD Defiant 170mm (1 1/8) / Grand Cru

Brooks B67 S Ladies / Grand Cru 27.2 setback

MKS Sylvan Touring w/ VO leather straps / Wipperman Connex

Shimano Nexus Revoshift / Alfine internal

Tektro R559 / Tektro FL 750

46 x 18 / Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Internal / Dimension cork grips, VO Porteur front rack

The wife's bike. Best and most frustrating project ever. Thanks to Legislator for the awesome wheels, and his amazing advice from day one, and everyone else for chipping in. She loves the hell out of this thing, and it looks a million time better in person.

Still trying to add front fender to accompany Velo orange porteur rack in front, but can figure that out later because clearance issues on this thing with caliper brakes was tough. Probably easier with cantilevers...

She came up with the name. I would have put something semi-offensive in spanish

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Damn fine machine!

Looks great by the lake, and in general! I was talking fender install nerd talk with some old-school pros and new talent mechanics at industry night the other night and I have some game to drop on you Jona that might help with your front fender install.

I am a little jealous of the Alfine, and might have to put one on a bike soon, all in all though, this is one hell of a mixte!

Hey Gram that would be

Hey Gram that would be great, thanks. We definitely want to look into installing the front fender with the rack on. I think I might be able to accomplish this by hammering the fender a little more, but havent quite found the time to experiment. Definitely get alfine!!!!!!!!!!

Love it! great build! How is

Love it! great build! How is that rack?

The rack is amazing

The rack is amazing functionally and aesthetically. I am not kidding when I say my wife did not like the bike until I got the rack on it. Its great quality, holds stuff well without bungee cords, and looks classy as hell.

It is beyond me though how the hell she rides this bike with an extra 10 pounds on her steering. Just holding the bike up for her is frustrating. But someone she manages...we rode for about 20 miles on saturday and her only complaint were her hands from being in the same position for 3 hours.


This is sooooo classy. Looks like it yields a comfy ride too. How are you liking the Alfine?

Very comfy I'm told, still

Very comfy I'm told, still need to ride it myself for more than a minute. Wife says Aldine is crisp as hell, even under load. Thanks for the compliment

Thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments guys! Always nice to hear we did a good job

Beautiful bicycle


Soma & Velo Orange

have some classy looking stuff. Nice set-up.

love it

love it! especially the rack, that really sets it off.
i don't know if anyone has suggested just taking a dremel to the fenders to make some clearance? that might work out

Thanks Haegan. In fact, she

Thanks Haegan. In fact, she rode the bike without the rack the first time and said it felt weird and incomplete. Once I put the damn thing on...

Which is funny because front racks make handling kind of weird but its all about aesthetics anyway, right?


Hola!, Chiquita!...Pelada!...Bonita!...Encantadora!, Sr. Mancha150, calificación de 10, -dulce regalo-, debé estar orgulloso por la obra, -dulce regalo-, le quitarón la oportunidad de nombrarla, jiji, tal vez una linda discución.... por este detalle, esté bien, -dulce regalo-, linda PIXIE-MIXTE. "Dulces sueños en el Camino", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz, Desdé Acá.

Gracias Hugo, pues si, lo

Gracias Hugo, pues si, lo del nombre, pues tu has de saber...jajajaja.

Ya pronto conoceras a la hadita mixte en persona! Saludos!



"I suggest cantilevers..."

Not without a new fork.


Center-pulls might be your answer.


center-pulls (mafac, weinmann, dia-compe etc.) should work.
Also, older, single-pivot sidepulls usually have a wider opening (modolo, old campy, weinmann......)

Really? Hmmmm Anyway, all

Really? Hmmmm

Anyway, all the images we saw of velo orange 45mm fenders had cantilevers, not calipers. The clearance thing and being able to close the brake down on the rim properly was a nightmare.

Yeah, cantis use a different

Yeah, cantis use a different mouting system. They mount to two studs on the fork as opposed to bolting to a single hole

Sorry, I should have said

Sorry, I should have said the fork HAS two small holes drilled, but halfway down the fork, not where they need to be. So yes, you are correct.

You would think that when they designed this frame they would have thought of these little details but I guess not

Yes, as haegan said, those

Yes, as haegan said, those are rack mounts. My cc fork has them.


those would be mounts fo a lowrider front rack i would assumes

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