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Girlfriend's steel Wheeler

Bike tags: Road bike
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Tange Infinity-tubed Wheeler / 52

Nitto Noodle / Cinelli

Stock / Tange Levin

Shimano RX100 hub / Mavic something / Continental GP Attack 700x22c

Rodi hub / Rodi rim / Continental GP Attack 700x22c

Shimano RX100 triple / Shimano

Flite titanium / unknown

All City Track / Shimano HG50

Shimano Sora brifters / Shimano RX100

SHimano RX100 / Sora brifters

52x42x30 front / 13-26 8 spd. cassette

The point of that bike was to build something sporty for the girlfriend using only components I had lying around. Mission accomplished except for the handlebar and cables. Paint is homemade using automotive spray paint. Pretty happy with the result. Solid and reliable without investing crazy money in it. The girlfriend doesn't care at all about bling, she just wanted a road bike.

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Sweet build

Build looks nice. Great touches with matching bartape and housing.

What's this about you selling a Flite?

Wut? Wanna buy?

Wut? Wanna buy?

actually i've heard flites

actually i've heard flites are one of the worst saddles for ladies. specialized saddles for women seem to be popular though.

Thanks for the input about

Thanks for the input about Specialized ladies' saddles. I'll probably get her one.

Definitely on both points. I

Definitely on both points. I have done a bit of saddle design (none in production tho) and it's amazing how millimeters in a contour make a huge difference on the grundle. Specialized is really underrated for their saddles. Don't know about now, but in the 90's their in-house guys did all the design and they were all amazingly comfy for a wide range of butts.

but the problem is,...

It has SPECIALIZED on it.... heh.

Well Done

Looks like an awesome bike, fancy components don't always make a better bike. I think I'd go with some black bar tape.

Actually, my girlfriend is

Actually, my girlfriend is originally from the Netherlands and we bought the tape at RIH while on a trip to Amsterdam. So, the color may not suit everyone's taste, but it's some kind of Dutch-related souvenir.

how does she like that

how does she like that saddle? Flites arent for everyone

Had a quick 10 miles tour together this morning.

She hates it.

My girl loves the

My girl loves the Specialized Romin. Have her try one out. I recommend it.

The line-up seems quite

The line-up seems quite different in Europe, but thanks for the advice.

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