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Orange Ass Makino SOUTHERN EMPIRE bitch!!!

Bike tags: orange | Tandem


Heavy ass gay wheels

black cheap




i didn't buy this bike for deliveries, I'm part of the fad!

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im not really sure how i feel about this bike.
it's damn hot, that's for sure.
just a bit over the top.

no hate...

I fail to see why this bike is so controversial aside from the owners nomenclature. It seems to have all the over-rated features that you kids prefer (i.e. aerospokes, njs keirin shit and such. If anything I'd assume everyone would be giving you dope mad shit props.


hey fitty, how much money have you put into this bike?

stop pretending to be a

stop pretending to be a gangster, learn how to talk like a normal person, and while your at it get a bike you can actually ride not just one that you read about in a magazine once and decided you would look good on one.

I've never actually read

I've never actually read about this bike in a magazine, I just walked in a shop saw it hangin' on a wall and after seeing it sit there for a year, I bought it. And since then I've been adding shit I "LIKE" not shit that will comply with track rules! I don't give a flying fuck about being in the fixie scene, its fun to ride. Come see my gangster!

Fresh Yo Yo

that bontrager seat post matches that rocket ring and the stem adapter perfect....fresh to death....aerospokes are way way better than regualar spoked wear custom sneakers when you ride?

sell it. and get a life

Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor.

Wow your bike rules man.

Wow your bike rules man.

damn son, don't hurt 'em!

this is hot shit right here!


Thanks mayne, good to hear compliments sometimes haha

roll with me

yo, ihave no cyber shit 2 talk from my keyboard,but nice whip.the cokespoke is not my thing,but at least you got a set,which is more then i can say4 most.remember there will always be haters,i learned that during my 19yrs. as a messenger.picture me rollin,MG33

Louis Vuitton

Empire son.



If you can't laugh at yourself, everyone else will.

Bikesnob is funny and makes fun of trends in cycling, trends that we (including me) are all guilty of following at some time or another. He's making fun of the trends you're following, not you.

If you know your riding justifies your bike then just laugh. The only reason anyone has to be self-conscious and defensive is if they have a shiny showpiece that only gets dusted off on sunny days. That applies to everyone no matter what type of bike they ride. It's a tool not a toy.


whoa haha

Geez you act like I"m cryin' about it, I just can't stand shitty bike faggots talkin' shit about people that have nice shit, but that don't fit THEIR standards. Trust me homie, I'm not cryin' over here, but its just funny I haven't had the Makino 1 week and his gayass is doggin' it! I've said it once and I'll say it again, I make stuff loud so people talk about it, nahmean!! And trust me I'm gonna crush it no matter what people say, I'll do a wheelie cross' bikesnobs face son!! holla ACxXx

Homophobic posers

I wasn't trying to pick on you. In fact I was starting to feel a little sorry for you for feeling like you were getting picked on, but gaybashing?! Dude, that shit wasn't clever when I was in high school, and it's just pathetic now. Homophobia is the last resort of the small-minded.

You're just some generic bike jock who couldn't make the football team. Pay your fucken dues young'n. I've got tens of thousands of bike miles, including three years of messenger work in Detroit, and I've never had a bike that shiny. If I'm dropping cash on a bike, it's gonna make that shit faster or stronger so I can put more food on the table.

I love bikes and bike culture and I think the more folks on bikes the better, but your a fucking embarassment to yourself and everyone on two wheels. Get a car.


You want us to bow down

You want us to bow down dude?

"Pay your dues" - you kidding me? Get off that Chapel Thrill high horse man. I know people who've been messengering in NYC for 10 years and wouldn't brag about it on some internet forum. Usually, the people who brag about shit aren't worth a dime in a race. Quit frontin.

Quit talkin shit and go ride.

Sorry, I've had a bunch of drinks tonight.

wow calm down

Dood haha chill, I'm not homophobic but my boyfriend is! Shouldn't take words so harsh, I'm just talkin' shit like everyone else on here. Why am I a generic bike jock because you ride for a living and I ride for fun? Are you saying pay my dues as in, be a messenger for a while before I can own and ride a fixed gear bike? Cause I'm not doing it for "messenger bike street cred" I ride because I'm too old and lazy to skateboard now, trust me I wouldn't ever "pose" to be a messenger I assure you, so we square now? haha geez tuff crowd

Hey tough guy, you need to

Hey tough guy, you need to grow up.


you chill too, whys everyone on here so fuckin' touchy. I got an ugly orange bike, and I like riding it, why does that have anything to do with my age, growing up or who is and who isn't bike messengers. Lets all get up, and we'll have an alleycat race and I'll LET you guys win so you can get new spoke cards, deal? get at me

you get spokecards even if

you get spokecards even if you get dfl or dnf duder... hehe

Yeh but like I said I'll

Yeh but like I said I'll give them mine cause I have NOWHERE to put em' haha Damn I like me some John Prolly!! HOlla


I really DO like your blue pursuit bike, shits hot.


you made bikesnob!

you are now officially a fixie legend!

Yeh that dood is

Yeh that dood is amazing...LY BORED!!

nice makino

nice makino

the rear hub??

How does the hub feel on the aerospoke rear hub I was going to get a set but I was told that the hubs felt kinda sloppy what do you think?


My hub has been fine, but I like do small Indo skids to slow up when I need to and its kinda loosened my hub, I had to tighten it back up yesterday cause it was like a poppin' noise if you track stand it back and forth. I read everywhere online that the hubs aren't good for skidding them, but I'm an ignorant idiot and wanted a SET of aeros!! Holla ACxXx

Clicking the phots back and

Clicking the phots back and forth make a sweet bike strobe light!

Consider this...

A sticker that says "Ride till I die!". I also added you to the Makino cluster. Just kidding about the sticker looks like a fast mofo. Similar color to my Makino.


I'm actually thinkin' about puttin' stickers somewhere that say "FUCK SPOKECARDS!!" HAHA either that or gettin' a fuckin HUGE spoke card and stick it in there haha holla ACxXx

Yes, Fuck spokecards

If you don't race. Lookin nice man...


this looks awesome....

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