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Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | alameda
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Answer ProTaper riser, Nitto 100 / Syntace Bullhorns

Bridgestone, Hatta


Mavic Ellipse

Sugino 75, Dura-Ace

Rolls saddle [CURRENT: Concor Saddle], Nitto post

MKS Custom Nuevo (not pictured) , Toshi double straps, Izumi ESH

17T Dura Ace, 45t Sugino Messenger Zen


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whoohoooo, good job man hows that mavic on the back not a little too fragile? check out my peloton! sweet set up!


what color is this paint job?

Brilliant Photo

Absolutely killer. Well done sir. Oh yeah, the bike's nice too.


Sup with it neighbor? Nice meeting you homie.


is that the original fork? do you have a better pic of it?


Hey, yea from what i know its the original fork, is there a particular reason why you think it wouldn't be? *not asking in a mean way lol*

Edit: also this is an old school bridgestone frame. its older than most of the bridgestones you see out there.


I'm just asking because the crown looks very old skool and the tubes seem to be aero shaped. That might be the pics though. If you say the frame is very old (like before 1980s?) that would be a good explanation for those two features. Is this frame NJS certified? Because if it is I come back to the suspicion that the fork is not original if it is not it might be the original stock fork.

You're in Alameda right? Lets go ride sometime.


Yeah i believe you are onto something, my frame is NOT njs stamped so that would make sence about the crowned fork, but the tubing is not aero shaped at all, could be just the pictures. Yes im located in alameda and im very willing to ride! what part of alameda are you located in?


I stay on Lincoln around Grand when you go ride usually?

i actually live not too far

i actually live not too far on wood and lincoln, kinda over by brown brother shoes+ez liquor store. I dont recall seeing you around though? ive met a good amount of the people (i think) from alameda. but definitley im down!

thats hecka close

my mom stays on wood and buena vista whatchu doin tomorrow (sunday)? I got time preferably before like 4pm or so?


Sounds gay but my weekends is usually the time i spend with my girl (only time we see each other) but tuesday-friday i am in SF but i have plenty of time to ride after 6. do you have msn/aim/myspace?


just wrote you a message


of the best looking bikes i've ever seen. props

fatlace decal

where can i get one of them fatlace decals on ur hed wheels?

I just creamed my undies a

I just creamed my undies a little. That is a nice f'in ride.

word! thanks! your bike is

word! thanks! your bike is super clean as well. i actually saw your bike before when it was still pink and had that rear aerospoke when i visited fatlace a while while back. i'm from las vegas!

I was wondering what those

I was wondering what those things are on your rear spokes. Looks like tape?

bladed spokes

bladed spokes

where did tat concor come

where did tat concor come from!!!


sup man, its ryan. we still gotta ride sometime haha



sick colourway, and nice

sick colourway, and nice photo!

nm dude, we should ride this

nm dude, we should ride this weekend!

yo kenny its marcus! nice

yo kenny its marcus! nice pic


do u still have the rear aerospoke?


naaah i broke the aerospoke a while back.

rear wheel

which is better the aerospoke or the mavic ellipse?

MSW Ellipse??

OH, it's the tire.

sick jtown peace plaza pic

sick jtown peace plaza pic

thanks for leading/waiting

thanks for leading/waiting for me and my girl today.

tell geoff and victoria, aaron and steph said hi !

see you next time homie

Cool pics!

Some of your Pics are really cool.
Bikes, of cause!


Haha. Is that last picture after the Valentine's day pillow fight at JHP?

Ridiculously sick bikes!

love the fatlace decal &&& the pink with the aero!

open up an east coast FATLACE!!

yellow is the new pink

Our bikes can be twins dude


like the new colour. how'd you get new decals? i tried to get a hold of bridgestone a few times, but they never got back to me.

New Look

Your pink bridgestone was one of a kind - I would say in the top ten on velospace! You should consider keeping all of the original photos - which are amazing, and adding the "new paint job" as a second bike on your page. Thanks for the inspiration, I miss SF!!


Yeah not a bad idea. i acually thought about that and might acually do that. Thanks man!!!

Many Faces....

Damn man, you're bike has gone through a lot of looks. Latest looks good. Turned out well. Let's get rollin'


with all these fancy aero wheels you got, which one would you say is your favorite?

haha no favorites. the

haha no favorites. the aerospoke just cracked on me recently, the shamal i lost, long story. id say the shamal was pretty awesome. it was very light.

Old Viscount Saddle

only saddle i'll ever put my bony ass on.japan center looks the cleanest ive ever seen it in your pix , i lived at the radisson miyako on and off for about 2 years 2002-2004.

simply amazing.

thats my new dream bike. props



sell me your hed :)

sell me your hed :)


One of a kind, never seen a combo like it before. From the frame color [not to mention the frame itself] to the wheel choices. Must have spent major $$$ on that, but looks like a blast to ride.

True Love

The couple's pic is so lovely! You can tell it's meant to be-

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon



octospoke haha




Well said ol' chap!

ive been wacthing this bike

and once you thinks it can get any better it does ........ AND HARD


is that jeremy's old hed? i heard he sold his.
i finished my bike again, but damn i ahve school monday and thursdays :[
i can still swing by fatlace hq sometime tho.. we'll see..

we're riding today. call us

we're riding today. call us if you can make it.

nice looking bike. Would

nice looking bike.

Would you happen to be riding in fremont today? i think i saw your bike not to sure

Ummmm... HELLO?

Are you a boy or a girl? Cause... I'm a girl... and I wouldn't even do that to a bike.


Let's ride some upcoming weekend?

I need some company on these streets.


it was nice meeting you last night girly, hope to see you at the alleycat saturday


haha i think you think this bike is leslee's ahaha. Well you probably know that

dont you ride with jeremy?

haha nice super clean!
aww i've been lookin for reaerospokes too :]


yeah i am friend with jeremey..oh and co-worker. i think i may have seen you or your bike around, in person or internet haha i forgot

sweet haha

yeah lets go ride sometime :P
i dropped by fatlace the other week, but it was tuesday.. heh

yeah dude im down, hit up

yeah dude im down, hit up jeremey im usually in the city on mondays+thursdays so ill be down....


how do you feel about the rear areospoke? i hear its not to keen for skids! i am looking for one but am kinda hestitant! i would rather have it on the back then the front... i am kind of a big dude... do you have issues with the hub coming loose?


acually i love the aerospoke, its really sturdy! doesnt weight very little but i absolutely love rear aerospoke! no hub problems or anything. the only reason why i wouldnt tell you to get one is only so less people would rock a rear one haha. but no go get one.

The Slide!

HAHA. I remember that short, steep, and wide silver slide! Didn't know that thing was still there when you were there. My friends and I would slide down that thing standing up early in the morning when there was a lot of morning dew on it. We'd even add more water on it to slide faster, until some kids smashed their skulls when their feet slid out from under them.

BUT DUDE! Nice new addition with the Shamal!

oh yea thanks. i had just

oh yea thanks. i had just gotten the wheel in recently. got a good ass deal on it off ebay! My first experience with a tubular wheel, i wasn't so fond of tubular at first but now i really like em.

Sick setup bro!

Finally got that Shamal in huh? Looks fuckin sick man!


I just gasped. Its beautiful

fatlace decals

do they work if you have machined deep v's?


they'd work but im not sure if they'd look as good. i dont see why they wouldnt though. if u need to order u can call the fatlace store

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