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La Perla Coqueta

Bike tags: Road bike | 1987 | 50th anniversary | columbus slx | dura ace | more tags >>
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Schwinn Paramount 50th Anniversary (Waterford-made Columbus SLX) / 58.5 cm x 56.5 / 1987

Nitto B115 (40cm) / Nitto Dynamic 10 110mm

Columbus SLX / Dura Ace 7400

Dura-Ace 7402 / H plus son tb-14 hard ano / Continental Gran Prix Classic 25c

Dura-Ace 7402 UG (1989) / H plus son tb-14 hard ano / Continental Gran Prix Classic 25c

Dura-Ace 7402 172.5mm / Dura Ace 7402

Fizik Aliante carbon braided / Dura Ace Fluted 27.2

Shimano PD-M540 / SRAM 890

Dura Ace 7402 / Dura Ace 7402

Dura-Ace 7402 / Dura-Ace 7401

53-42 / Dura-Ace 8 speed Uniglide cassette (13-24)

My Waterford, WI built do-everything ride.

Thanks to socal3rensho for the fluted seatpost.

How did you get your teeth so pearly?

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the picture by the lake or river

Where did you take that picture? Im a chicano in oregon, my parents were born in d.f.

the picture outside was

the picture outside was actually taken in DC, where I was living until last year. I am going to take some pictures at chapultepec soon though, or in front of bellas artes, so something you might recognize

Really well

put together! And with you it's even nicer since they are always in my size ahaha

Haha thanks man. I feel the

Haha thanks man. I feel the same way...when a bike is my size, I drool over it so much more

How do you like those tires

How do you like those tires so far? I'm looking for a set of gumwalls and the only ones i've found are either slow rolling or expensive as hell race tires.

I rode them for about 20

I rode them for about 20 miles today and I really like them so far. On the looks side of things, they are much, much classier than I expected. They seem to roll similar to other multipurpose road tires I have used, though I was taking it very easy today. They are hard to get outside of somas website, but I highly recommend them, I think they will last a long time. Much better idea than veloflex/vittoria, and you dont have many other options on the durable tire group.

This is a really beautiful

This is a really beautiful bike, congrats

Thanks for the kind words

Thanks for the kind words gentlemen

Would like first dibs on the pedals if you swap them out

they are my favorites.


I am sure they are great pedals, but after running dual sided spds for over a year and a half now, these are frustrating as hell. Let me know what is a fair price and I will ship them to you. OR OR OR, let me know what you have to trade


they take a two hole pattern and aren't compatible with most newer shoes. I have some vintage shoes specifially because I'm a dinosaur and don't like changing what works. Around 40 is what I've paid for a few on the bay. heres one I missed the end of the auction last week.
You know the crap I'm into what are you looking for?

pm sent

pm sent

Very Seductive


Heck yeah uber jealous but

Heck yeah uber jealous but also stoked for you man. That thing is prime.

Thanks Parker. Your threat

Thanks Parker. Your threat actually helped my dealings with the wife pre-purchase

First in line when you sell

First in line when you sell it ;)

Hahahaha. You got it, but

Hahahaha. You got it, but dont hold out parker!


i've said it before, and i'll say it again: white bikes are the prettiest!

but indulge me: what makes this a "commuter"? maybe i do not know what commuting is really about.

as to the slr saddle...i rode those for a while and my butt was happy, but my knees were killing me; when i abandoned the slr, my knee problems went away,

Good to know, because I have

Good to know, because I have knee problems. But the aliante will look kind of bulky on here, no?

As for the commuter: I treat all my bikes like prizes. I will start riding this bike to work to give my fixed-gear-destroyed-knees a break. But I am fortunate enough to have a garage to store by bike at work, and I am not one to ride in the rain...I wont let this bike down, I promise you that!

commuting is hell

for me, anyway. i barely made it home today as another set of eggbeater bearings bit the dust. and then there are the tires wearing away to nothing. this has been the craziest season of road construction ever...does anyone remember pavement? (to paraphrase robert plant)

Looks great!

Looks great!


that looks awesome. i wanna see some proper goya-bean-stand-pictures once it's all shined up!

looks great!

Want to get some pics

Want to get some pics outside. This weekend hopefully

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.



I have no idea why I put my pics and nothing goes through. Is there a new picture formula in place or something?

just keep trying. If you

just keep trying.

If you cant get it, email me the original files and I'll resize 'em and see if i can get them to work.

damn spaces...all I was

damn spaces...all I was thinking about was size, not file names. Thanks

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