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sannino pursuit

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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sannino 80s(?) pursuit

sawn off mountain bike, old stem

mystery fork, shimano headset?

deep v 650mm, phil woods hub

deep v 700mm phil woods hub


brooks seat, old post

bog standard i guess

the reason my details are so shonky is that it was built for me by a guy called andy who i recommend if you live in the london area and need a bike. If anyone knows anything about sannino or this frame i'd love to hear from you (i've heard Mauro Sannino lays the freshly cut frame tubes on cushions for a fortnight to let the molecules recover. How about that?!

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so so siiick! pm me if you

so so siiick! pm me if you ever want to sell that frame. it looks a bit like a bike i used to own that was too small for me.

your bike keeps popping up

in when I click random bikes... It just makes me jealous of your sweet frame--I love the top tube transition to your seatpost. So hot!

i presume you know about

i presume you know about this:

maybe the same frame? your fork looks different though.

yeah, i've seen that one

yeah, i've seen that one n'all. been investigating mauro sannino too, sounds a bit of an eccentric, laid his frame tubes on pillows for 2 weeks prior to assembly (to let the molecules reallign), hated chrome too.


haha i dint know napoleon dynamite was into fixed :P
clean bike heh

you cheeky monkey, but you

you cheeky monkey, but you have got a point. what do i look like?

silver 650 deep v ?!?!?!?!?!

where in the hell did you find that?

awesome ride man!

got the frame from a courier

got the frame from a courier in soho for £150, and the rest is just new stuff. quite lucky to have bumped into him. god knows where you get hold of pursuit frames.

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