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Peloton silver

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike
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Nitto jaquar alloy stem, Nitto B125 aluminum bars 36cm

Peloton Fork

DA 36h NJS radial

DA 36h NJS fix fix, 110x8mm space

Sugino NJS 165mm cranks

Condor seat, Soma seat post

MKS custom Nuevo njs


almost japanese

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i peed a little

-kristy xVx

rad whip man

extremely rad!!!!!!

The way your front tire's spokes are laced..

...Makes me want to take your bike's .jpg, and, like, in photoshop, just put a `vertigo' style spinny-thingy where your wheel is.. Then, print out your bike and spin it really fast on my desk. Over and over.

nice white bike

Despite the un-utilitarian-ness of the color white on a bicycle (takes to dirt and grease easily), a white bike still draws looks like no other. Sweet ride.

I want that.

sure is purdy.


Your bike is a serious piece of art work. I love it!


your bike is sick. really nice job

your bike is like my anti-bike(capo)

I would go through 2 u locks and a chain for this bike! very sick!!! farts&bugers



Wow!!! you might just have the best looking...

bike I have ever seen. You should add a picture without the frame cover.

the spokes.......your bike is heavenly

aww man its making my computer screen'll be tomm bike porn for sure..i love love love love you bike...

like the black and whiteJoe

like the black and white




Our bikes need to have babies.

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