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Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista GF+ BB Box / 53cm / 70's

Cinelli 67 / Cinelli 1A

Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista GF+ Lugs

Campagnolo Record Pista 28H / Nisi Speciale Pista

Campagnolo Record Pista 28H 110mm / Nisi Speciale Pista

Campagnolo Record Pista 48T 165mm 144bcd / Campagnolo Record Pista 65 P 110

Cinelli Unicanitor



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The comment trend

Has as much merit as someone who doesn't like those junky old 40's Buicks and Oldsmobiles, but loves those new aerodynamic Prius' The new was refined from the old over generations.
The only glitch in this build is the need for a pista stem, to me its always a interuption of the flow when a road stem is used and takes away the aggresion of the front end.

i dislike all skinny tube frames

but this cinelli is very nice. it tickles me in a fancy way.
must be the silver/chrome touch that gives it elegance.

the fact that you describe

the fact that you describe them as 'skinny tube frames' says everything about you. gtfo pseudo-hypebeast...and take your limited edition jordans with you.

oohhh myy goddd... he said

oohhh myy goddd... he said skinny tubed frames. oh noeee!

YES i lack bike lingo & not very educated on bikes as much as people on this site.

go blow your seat tube since you love bikes so much.

funny how were all here for bikes yet people hate. at least im not into something gay like BASEDGOD. which is hype in general just to say. hypocrite.

man, how can you dislike

man, how can you dislike narrow tube frames?!?

this bike is fricking GORGEOUS!!

you gotta love the classic lines and beauty of these narrow tube steel beauties!!

most skinny tube frames

most skinny tube frames just look cheap or old junk.
(although im sure they are a pretty penny depending on frame)

just more fond of aero tubing.

but as i said, this bike is a beauty. 1st one id actually love to own if i came across one.

I'm gonna be you are about

I'm gonna be you are about 16yrs old, and have no appreciation for the herritage of cycling...

im not 16, and just because

im not 16, and just because someone dislikes older bikes has nothing to do with age.

the word your looking for is heritage.

& your right, i can careless about where they came from.
im just interested in mostly aero frames. its a preference? sue me.

in the end its JUST a bike.



Maybe this will help close the gap

For pete sake, please call it what it is. STEEL! There is a reason steel frames are so slender. I'm not even going to explain.
Anyways, take a close look at this. You say you like aero. This is a bit of a dinosuar and not typical compared to the common concept of aero but a good example of where it got started.

Aero Steel (ebay listing)

You can tell me you don't like this, not my problem. Frankly I don't even know why I'm takeing my time on this thread. I guess I am as much of a bike neard as the rest of us.

Beautiful bike by the way!

im not an AERO junkie as ive

im not an AERO junkie. ive read people who take it way 2 far when it comes to slicing the wind... (could understand if your racing)

i just ment the aesthetics of "aero tubed" frames.
i listed below the companys which frames im referring to

so what i get from the comments here, "Steel Tubed" is what its called.

well i do like this one. its very nice which is what i mentioned in the beginning...

& 3rencho i understand your trying to say aero frames derived from steel frames. thats cool and everything but i dislike most steel frames & the prius, but would marry a 65' fastback mustang.

idk what bikes you looking

idk what bikes you looking at then. There are plenty of aero tubed bikes that are cheap and junk too.

im only looking at

im only looking at Cervelo/Dolan/Low/Look KG's/Cinelli/felt TK1 etc.. (just aero)

yes visp/leader/etc are the junk your talking about which i dislike as well.

I'd think anyone who views

I'd think anyone who views bikes as more than just a passing fancy would view the majority of aero-tubed frames as being cheap looking, preference or not. Most of them look like plastic toys, regardless of brand.

Nope. I like old Italian

Nope. I like old Italian frames as well as new aero frames (TT, Road, Track). Yes, there are a lot of "budget" "aero" frames out there and I tend to think that they were under designed and are mainly aimed at people with lower budgets. But, the higher end frames, to me, have a beauty around them based on function and efficiency– the same things that drew me to older track frames over 10 years ago.

Of course this is all conjecture as there are so many people out there with so many different reason for cycling and the appreciation of bicycle form.

Ride safe!


sort of looks like an artist's rendering of the ideal track bike.

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