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Spectrum Track (G. Hatton) - Pearly White

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Spectrum Track / 51 x 53 / 2004

Nitto B123 Cr-mo 36cm / VO Sew-On Leather Tape

Spectrum Track / Chris King NoThreadset

Dura Ace 7600 / Araya 16B Gold / Soyo Gold Star

Dura Ace 7600 / Araya 16B Gold / Soyo Red II

Dura Ace 7710 / Dura Ace 7700

Selle San Marco Concor (Black Suede) / Nitto S83

MKS Custom Nuevo / Izumi ESH

46:16 / Sugino 75 46ct / Dura Ace 16ct

So hereeeee it isssss! After many many many months of being bikeless and painfully skating around to class, I finally pulled a parts off eBay and built this baby up. I rides unbelievably well and is smooth all-around. All and all...I think this ended up being a sub-thousand build.

I still need to find more information to see whether G. Hatton stands for Gibby Hatton or not.

The sew-on leather handlebar tape from VO is niceeee. Took A LOT of work to get on and I literally drew blood with the strings...but its nice and snug.

GOT THE INFO! So this was built for Gil 'The Bear' Hatton in 2004 with a Corima fork that he supplied. I guess it was replace by a new Spectrum track fork...but the dropouts on the fork are stamped 'Spectrum'.

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You friended your own bike? Hahaha! I would have too:)


Why are you selling it?

He's moving :(

He's moving

veggie's right. and just

veggie's right. and just the last minute, some ebay bidder from singapore/malayasia/etc. will bid without asking me for a shipping quote. happens every timeee...but maybe i'll be forced to keep this baby somehow then

How's the cushioning on the VO bar wrap?

I've had a set sitting around for a year, waiting to go on this; but I've had a bunch of bar-and-stem swaps, and haven't gotten around to it. I was thinking of doing an underlayer taping for extra padding - either SOMA Thick'n Zesty or Cinelli Jelly, which are the only padded tapes I have lying around. I suppose thin cork sheeting might also work, assuming the bar wrap will make it all the way around and snug up without gaps. But is that necessary, or is the leather cushy enough to keep the nerve damage at bay?


...if you end up doing the VO elk hide wrap, definitely do an underlayer. Not for cushioning necessarily (although the stuff doesn;t provide much cushioning) but to prevent it from shifting around on the bars, which it did to me. After about 3 months, the stitches were twisted all the way around at the grip points.

Is cotton enough for cushioning+tack...

...or did you have to go to cork?

under layer

I don't usually recommend an underlayer because its texture will telegraph through the leather, looking a bit sloppy after use.

To prevent twisting, I usually *lightly* dust the bars and back of the leather with Super 77 spray adhesive. Mask the rest of the bike well! It slides around a bit allowing you to stitch the thing on, and prevents twisting pretty nicely.

The VO wraps have an adhesive strip but that was so-so.

I got a Cinelli Jelly kit a while back

...intending to use it for this purpose; but I wasn't sure whether the leather would make it all the way around. The Jelly stuff is intended for carbon bars, so you can see the fiber through the tape.

I did neither...

...which is why the hide shifted. Sold the bars with the wrap on it. If you want cushioning and tack, cork tape, then hairspray as you stitch. The tape on the underside won't be enough if it's going on a set of bars that will be used regularly.

in terms of

in terms of lacks the ability to absorb bumps in the road like brooks leather tape. underlaying tape will probably solve the problem but youll have to pull real hard and use gloves (i cut my fingers doing it with my bare hands). just pull wont break the strings. nonetheless...i would highly recommend this tape and for a fraction of the price of brooks...a damn good deal. but if i could change buy extra yarn for stem swaps.



Looks super!

Looks super!

Gil Hatton

It would be a good bet that this bike belonged to Gil "Gibby" Hatton, he raced in T-town, and Spectrum is made by Tom Kellogg in T-town, I am also pretty sure he used to race on spectrum frames

Nice bike

It looks to be his bike. Gil is still racing he won a Masters World Champioships recently.

wow wow wee wow...thanks for

wow wow wee wow...thanks for the info!

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