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BluKilo TT

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Mercier Kilo TT / 50cm

Oval Bullhorns / Generic

Stock / Cane Creek

Bianchi stock track / Hutchinson 23c

Eighthinch Julian / Formula / Kenda 25c

Sugino 75s / Miche

Velo VL2128 / Generic Black

MKS Sylvan Lite / KMC

48/17 / Sugino 75: 48T

*Finally upgraded from my vintage road conversion by picking up my friend's Kilo frame for cheap
*Bought some parts and transferred over some others
*Repainted the stock purple to blue.
*Some of the pictures have my saddle angled down but it's current setup is the main picture
*Runs great, probably switching out saddles and upgrading pedal setup next

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Nice Kilo

I dig the bullhorns.

Hoping to switch out for

Hoping to switch out for track drops again.

It looks really nice! I'm

It looks really nice! I'm not sure how you manage to stay on that saddle without falling off, though.

I have a blue Kilo TT as well, but I think you did it better than me.

Saddle angle

Aha that's why I said in the notes that the saddle looks like the main picture, much more straightened. At first when I was riding it angled down, I thought it'd be more comfortable but I still kept have crotch problems after long rides. Thank though! I'm still looking for a front wheel that kinda matches the back in color.

crotch chafe has more to do

crotch chafe has more to do with your riding style and attire. saddle fore/aft adjustment may help a bit too but your saddle should always be level.

Alright, thanks for the

Alright, thanks for the advice. Idk why they even give the ability to angle the saddle even just one bit.

to accommodate for differing

to accommodate for differing angles of seat tubes and saddle rails. Not all seat tubes are at the same angle and not all saddle rails are parallel to the saddle

Ah alright. Most definitely.

Ah alright. Most definitely.

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