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Counterpoint PRESTO! SWB Recumbent Bike

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My first recumbent ride ever. One of the nice features for this one is that the length of the post to the drive train is adjustable, so people of different height can be accommodated. When I go out on the road on one of these, I notice that the fellas give a look of curiosity for one, or two- "Nice ride~!" The girls for the most part laugh at you unless you are doing about 25 mph. Really good for long uninterrupted roads, not the ideal for the streets with many signals and stop signs. Great for long distance trekking, I just did 55 miles at a very comfortable 12mph. Contrary to popular understanding, hills are no problem with these, as long as they are not steep grade.

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Great to see - and download

Great to see - and download - a photo of a bike like mine. Love my Presto, bought it at Anglelake Cyclery circa 1990 and still my only bike. Billings, Montana has great biking, and my Presto, being the only one in Billings, and probably in Montana, gets a lot of looks.

70 and still pedaling - Bents are Best!
Richard Stone

Don't get pulled over.

My understanding is that tandems can get going really fast. A guy told me he got pulled over for speeding.

Recumbents have a

Recumbents have a disadvantage in that you cannot use your body weight to pedal; you have to push against your backrest and after a while that does a number on your knees. But when you have a headwind, you fare much better than if you were on an upright bike.

Interesting, I did not know that.

So it's kinda like doing leg presses or squats then. Intense!

not a tandem...

not a tandem...


I meant recumbent. Obvious blunder.

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