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**Samson Illusion**

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Samson Illusion - Columbus tubing

Nitto TEE19 B128AA - Risers - Nitto TEE19 "Crystal Fellow" stem - Strong G

Hatta Swan - Samson fork - Columbus tubing

Fir Carbon

Phil Wood - Velocity Fusion

Sugino 75 - Sugino 75

Nitto TEE19 "Crystal Fellow" pillar - SLR

MKS - Toshi Doubles - Izumi V "Super Toughness"

Sugino Zen Racing - EAI Gold Medal - 47/17

"The Masterpiece Borne by Steel and Heat" -Samson


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what kind of rims are on the

what kind of rims are on the silver wheelset? great looking bike btw

dream bike

no, literally I dreamed about this bike last night. beautiful.


Want to sell that front wheel let me know. It would look ideal on my T1 that im currently building up...
P.S. mad props this bike is clean

Thanks. You got a pm.

Thanks. You got a pm.

This bike is sooooo T1TS!

once again, gangsta ass shit. wish i could get that black and silver samson that's sellin in the bay right now.

but yeah, i seriously wanna roll out to SJ on your tuesday night rides. it blows that i work till 530 in SF. i'll try to get off of work early sometimes to roll down.

did i mention your bike is TITS!

Thanks Brada! You should

Thanks Brada! You should definately come down for our Tuesday night rides. Pretty good turnout and its always a pretty kick ass time.

great photography!

amazing bike! does it ever see the street?

Oh yea!

Yes it does see the street, a lot. It gets beat on pretty well. These are not trailer queens. :) My friend Herb Real did the photography. I have to take new pics and get it updated. This bike looks different now. Thanks again.


Your bike is super pretty.

Indeed perfect! we shall be

Indeed perfect! we shall be coasting around downtown SJ.....see you bro!

Thanks mang! For sure. Hurry

Thanks mang! For sure. Hurry up hahaha!

dude, those are some deep

dude, you're right, those are some deep drops. how does your back feel after you ride?

Feels alright because ill

Feels alright because ill raise the stem all the way up when i ride in the drops. Even then these B128's are way too deep of a drop. From the side they look like big ole' hangin titties. hahahahhahah.

Haha, but still man, looks

Haha, but still man, looks dope. I'll probably just opt for the gold Nitto drops when I get some cash.

I never said it was bad.

I never said it was bad. Haha. the titties, that is.


just perfect!

Thanks! Hey Happy Birthday!

Thanks! Hey Happy Birthday!


all you need is some dura ace on that shit....your samson is ill!

Thanks. Hope you can get

Thanks. Hope you can get your Samson back up. Very nice ride!

Black is the new Black

Such a good looking bike. I love the Tee19 gruppo...can't wait to get a frame to install my set on.

Did you find a frame to

Did you find a frame to throw that TEE19 stuff on yet?


Not yet. It's killing me. I've sold my other bikes so I'm forced to ride around on an old converted Bridgestone 700C. Still looking for a nice NJS frameset that won't force me to take out a second mortgage on the house.

Yea i know man. What size

Yea i know man. What size frame are you looking for?

nice build, looks great.

nice build, looks great. hope you like the frame i sold you. =)

Thanks again bro!

Thanks again bro! I love this frame. This thing will never leave my hands. Thanks everyone!

nice. favorite part is the

nice. favorite part is the wheelset / tire selection, lowkey but still stands out.

Goddamn, this

Goddamn, this the end? If so, I'm super jealous man.

There is never an end.

There is never an end. hahahha. This one is staying with me though for sure.

smoooooooooth my man

tee19 looks good!
wish I still had a keirin frame to through mine on.



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