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Pink Watanabe Track

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Watanabe / 52cm

Nitto B123AA / 120mm Nitto Jaguar

Watanabe / Chris King

Miche Pistard / Velocity Deep-V / Specialized Mondo Pro II

Miche Pistard / Velocity Deep-V / Specialized Mondo Pro II

Sugino 75 / Hatta

Ariake Shotgun / Thomson Elite

MKS RX1 / Izumi

48/18 / Sugino Mighty Competition / Miche Cog


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I just finished my Baramon build which is a more tame level of pink. I totally wanted to build it up with all black parts, so I'm digging this bike. Cheers!

What a paint job!

Wow, love the paint job on that!


The paint job really appealed to me when I got it and still does.

Man, I love the color of

Man, I love the color of that frame ...

Something 80s

Thanks. Something really 80s about the paint job. Bartape was a bit too much, so just riding without any now. Gloves do the trick. Just rode it tonight. The ratio is 48/17 now. This is for hills and flats. Also changed the saddle back to a black narrow Kashimax track. Will use the yellow one on a old school Mongoose BMX.

I thought it was pretty rad

I thought it was pretty rad as is, but I think the more understated components on a super bright frame, the better generally, sounds like it should be a winner with the small changes.

Little Too Pretty

It was a little too pretty before, doesn't look like it's trying hard to get attention now. Definitely not pretty going uphill, the ratio is 48x15 now. Flying on the flats though. My go-to bike for training hard.

nice job

like the blk and silver parts mixed up on a very loud frame colors


That's the set-up for now.

holy shit thats ugly! lot of

holy shit thats ugly!
lot of nice parts but the build up is straight shit!
keep your head up!

lol, wow, some people are so

lol, wow, some people are so whack. The frame color is too sick. The guy nandildo's bikes are so plain and boring.

Bright Colors with Black Parts

Thanks. I admit taking a NJS frame with bright colors and putting black parts on it might come across as being a bit vulgar. Changing out stuff on the bike is part of the fun. I ride the shit out of this bike.

Be nice now.

Be nice now.

No Problem.

Thanks for the advice.

Had this frame been a tad

Had this frame been a tad bigger I would've wanted it soooo bad. Awesome bike.

Team Pegasus

Thanks for the compliment. This frame used to be raced by a female rider by the name of Michelle Dykstra. I recently adjusted the saddle back a bit and the fit is great. Black Paul hubs along with Velocity Aeros of the same color are on the wishlist at the moment. By the way, your Makino is beautiful.

Thanks, I am about to upload

Thanks, I am about to upload some new photos of it. I have also adjusted the seat a bit on mine, had to change to an ugly ass seatpost though due to my other one being too short. My frame is a bit too small for me as well. In the market for one that is 55-56cm, but they aren't that easy to come by. Looking forward to updated photos of yours soon.

New Photos

So this is the new set-up.

There it is!!

There's the Watanabe that I wanted to see this whole time! Glad to see it complete! Looks very fruity Tyler!!

I'm not sure I like the sound of fruity.

Really wanna throw a blacked out set of wheels on it along with a black headset. Also looking to get rid of the blue chain and pink straps and replacing them with black as well.

it'd be

cool to rock all black wheelset built with yellow or pink nipples ;)

Anodised Nipples

look cool as f*%. The problem is aluminum nipples tend to seize up on the spokes.

Hmm interesting

so copper would be preferred?

Brass Nipples

are what I prefer. It just makes things a lot easier down the line when the wheels need to be trued or taken apart. Alloy nipples seize, strip, and sometimes just crumbles when turned with a nipple wrench. Alloy nipples are good for show bikes. I suppose weight weenies might go for them, but find out how much trouble they are later.

add some cyan color and

add some cyan color and you'll get a complete CMYK bike


There is cyan in there.

lol, so sick!

but again wit dat chain swag! the paint jobs and decals are killing it though.

Got rid of chain

Got rid of the goofy left over parts and somewhat dialed it in. Feels good and fast.

Dayum that's bright

Dayum that's bright

A bit too bright

Sure am gonna tone it down a bit. Build it up like it's meant to be.

Too Much Black

Ok, there was too much black installed on this frameset. I like it better with some polished aluminum in the mix.

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