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1989 De Rosa Professional SLX, the ghost

Bike tags: Fixed gear | C Record | campagnolo | de rosa | slx
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1989 De Rosa Professional SLX / 53

Cinelli 64-40 / Cinelli xa 110

De Rosa / Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record / Mavic Open Pro / Michelin Pro 3

Campagnolo C Record / Mavic Open Pro / Michelin Pro 3

Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record / Selle Italia Flite, re-covered

Campagnolo C Record / Connex

Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record

Dura Ace 6 speed freewheel

This frame was an absolute wreck when I got it. It was the first complete restoration I've done myself, meaning both decals and paint. I shot the primer and base colors in my driveway over a couple calm dry days, and the clearcoats in a spraybooth I have access to. Lots of wetsanding.

The C-Record group came off a 1985 Gios Professional. Nice parts, beat up frame - so I sold it and some parts from it, and kept the rest in an old diaper box for a couple years. Once this frame came along, I knew where to put the Campy stuff.

Decided to try recovering a saddle too. I used Great Stuff insulation foam to flatten out the beat up foam on an old Flite Ti, which worked well enough but was a hassle.

I built the Open Pro wheels so I didn't have to mess around with the original tubulars. Lacing the left-hand rim drilling to the right-hand hub drilling added several gray hairs to my head. Something was out of whack, and I had to lace it a few times to get everything settled right.

It's sort of a ghost of its former self now, dressed in all silver. First ride some time this week.

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Top notch

Pretty much a joy, I'll bet, to rehab, and will be that much more fun to ride. Very interesting on the saddle. I have one of those to re-do, and have never done it. I don't want any padding, though. What glue did you use?

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

I'm doing the same thing

I'm doing the same thing now, recovering a Flite Ti without padding. You need to sand out any imperfections in the plastic body including bondo-ing any ejector pin marks. Make it smoooth.

Super 77 or headliner adhesive, and hot glue around the perimeter underneath. Works great.

Whoa!!!! This is amazing!!!

Whoa!!!! This is amazing!!!


This is just so damn sick.....The details are killing me.


Stunning ride! Thanks for sharing.


The build process equally fascinating.


Fantastic job restoring this bicycle, I'm very impressed with the quality and parts that went into this build, as well as the patience and skill it took to have restored that Flite to its former glory

great work

... fantastic restoration and immaculate perfection, although I would personally not even dare to touch the shiny white saddle and bar covers :D

Haha I do wash my hands

Haha I do wash my hands thoroughly before each ride!

well this thing sure came out great!

nice work as always chris! proud to have contributed a a few small parts to this build, enjoy it!


talk about a labor of love! seeing this done in your garage makes me wish I had done the same to my restoration project. stunning.

Thanks! Your '82 Pista is a

Thanks! Your '82 Pista is a beauty as well.


Currently building up a '79 Colnago Super. Pinched pennies and took it Elliot Bay Cycles to restore. Cost a pretty penny (they repaired a small dent in the top tube too). You've obviously got a lot more experience than me, but seeing your results here, I wish I had given it a shot.

Amazing restoration. Very

Amazing restoration. Very well done.


That's pretty amazing. When you say you did it in your driveway, did you have professional painting gear? Looks great.

Not really, other than a

Not really, other than a VOC respirator. 2-part (2k) urethane paints are available in cans (there is a button on the bottom that releases the catalyst into the base) and you can get them in both base coats and clear. Tough stuff, easily wet-sanded and compounded to a high gloss finish.


Beautiful, I just love the color.


really an incredible rehab. hope you ride it hard, but then clean it really nicely afterwards! i can see you from all your bikes that you don't like to align your tire label with your valve stem...

(have to nitpick something on such an incredible bike:)

Ha, I'd never heard that!

I was taught to put the pressure information by the valve stem (which seems to usually put the label directly across from the rim label.)


Pressure info at valve

Label at valve here...

Yeah, the problem with that pressure information is who follows that with a bike tire? Most are max pres. from 115 to as high as 160 but again, you usually end up inflating a tire for own weight, conditions, and use, which almost never exceeds max pressure enough for concern. So I have to say, I've always aligned label with valve so as to locate it quickly. Besides, it looks sharp.

But not as sharp as your GREAT Job here! Excellent work, Chris. And I have to admit, it came out even better in the photos (though I still love that De Rosa Team Blue with yellow). Really nice work on the photography and framing of the shots. The De Rosa Professional is such a balanced bike. It's not the lightest. It's not the quickest handling. But it's just an all around great bike on the road. Yours turned out excellent. WEll-Done.

- kh

This looks amazing. The c

This looks amazing. The c record group is beautiful

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