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Rail Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Rail Bike
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The silver poles are 1” conduit and whatever size just fits inside it.

I used an ahead set type stem to hold the conduit and attach to the stem.

I used a 1” steer tube fork off a road master MTB that would accept the 700c wheels I have. Onto this I slid a 1 1/8 fork and wheel off of a razor scooter, and a bit of steel for a guide.

I spread the road master fork open enough to attach to the bicycles fork using the existing quick release.

I bent a bit of conduit and drilled a hole for the quick release to pass through. I feel a solid axle with nuts would be easier for installation and removal though.

This is what happnes when a person works nights with too much time to think

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Railbikes and Railbiking

Hi, I have years of experience designing and riding railbikes, providing tours in various places. Take a look at my website for photos, history and buying links.

Rail bike?

Is it rail bike or fail bike?

Derailments suck…

The Panasonic frame is dead.
Derailed today and the rail guide out front caught a rail tie solidly resulting in an instant stop at around 16 MPH. Result? Me over the bars but OK. Bike? Bent frame at the top tube behind the steer tube and in front of the seat tube, down tube bent at the steer tube and in front of the bottom bracket. The front tire now rests beside the water bottle. There doesn’t seem to be any other damage though.

Stay tuned for #2…

Had a feeling

I gotta say, I had a feeling that would happen as soon as I saw the pics. If it were me I would replace that plate with another skate wheel, perpendicular to the ground, that rolls along the side of the track. That's how they do it on roller coasters these days. Should eliminate steering issues, too. At the very least, that plate should only be as low as the bottom of the head of the rail (and maybe rounded/angled, so it skips over obstacles)

I'll say this, though. You've inspired me to make a trip to Home Depot and seek out some abandoned track here in South Jersey. Great mod!

Pictures or it didnt happen

Pictures or it didnt happen

Pics here...


"rail bike? what the hell is a ra.....what the actual fuck."
this thing is so cool. how well does it handle turns? how smooth is it?

how well does it handle turns? how smooth is it?

Most curves are gradual with train tracks. I haven’t had any trouble as of yet. (I guess you could say it corners like it’s on “rails”?)
The ride is as smooth as the tracks are. There is a little side-to-side play, but I feel that is due to my design.

That's all kinds of awesome.

That's all kinds of awesome. Do you have to constantly steer a tiny bit to the left? I like that the outrigger is open on one side, looks like it would allow you to escape to the right if you encountered a train. How much distance have you put on it?

Do you have to constantly steer a tiny bit to the left?

I have found that it helps to possession the guide fork a little off center at the quick release point so that the steel guide wants to stay near the rail. The out rigger also has a guide on the inside of the rail, so with both of them, the wheels stay on the rails.

I figure I have done maybe less than 7 miles to date, but plan to go end to end on my section of track soon..

hahaha looks fun as hell.

hahaha looks fun as hell. stay safe though dude.


This looks like sooooo much fun.

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