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Chromed Benotto modelo 800 c.'85

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Benotto modelo 800, Columbus Zeta CMn tubing / 56cm / c.1982

3 TTT Competizione bars w/ Cinelli tape / 3 TTT Record stem

CroMoly forks/ Cambio Rino Criterium headset

Campy Nuovo Tipo hubs / Ambrosio 19 Extra Elite clincher rims / Conti Ultra tires / Stella db spokes


Gipiemme Crono Sprint 52/42T crankset / Cambio Rino Alum BB

Selle Italia Mundialita saddle / Cambio Rino Criterium alum post

Cambio Rino Aero pedals w/ toe clips / Sedisport XR chain

Campy Victory shifters / Campy Nuovo Record RD, Campy Victory FD

Gipiemme Crono Sprint brakes / Modolo Speedy levers

Regina CX/S 6spd freewheel 13-21T


I built this bike back in 1985. Found the frame at the LBS in the original champagne color but the paint was trashed and I couldn't afford a paint job. So I knew a guy who worked at a chroming factory and he did it for a fraction of the cost of paint. It's held up pretty well, and still looks good! I started riding it again a couple years ago. It feels so different from my contemporary bike, but brings back so many memories, I love it! Finally got a set of chrome forks to replace the aluminum ones I had on there after I cracked the originals around twenty years ago. Pretty much as it was 25+ years ago.

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Looks great!

Love the chrome and the Gipiemme/3ttt build. Never too much bling! So, how did this wind up with an aluminum fork? That glued fork has a nickname I won't repeat, but it's been known to occasionally cause extensive dental work to its riders.


Thanks, I've seen it chrome for so long now I can't imagine it any other color. I cracked the original forks years ago and being on a budget put the first set I came across that fit and was a good price. I heard they're not very durable but I didn't know about the propensity for catastrophic failure. Do tell.

The old cast-aluminum

The old cast-aluminum Viscount & Lambert forks would snap at the drop of a hat and were called "death forks". The name migrated to Vitus forks, which were better, but bonded aluminum - and thus guilty by association. (I've personally seen Vitus frames come unglued, but never a fork.)

Alu forks

Ahhh the Viscount 'death forks' I remember those now. Since mine were newer,around 1990 I didn't even think of it. I just thought at the time it would be an upgrade and I got them at a good price. I didn't know about the Vitus concerns. Mine I believe are the Sakae Litage FX not the Vitus 979, but they are certainly bonded and probably have the same concerns. I've been wanting to put a set of crmo chrome forks back on but the 1" threaded is getting harder to find these days. Thanks for the info!

The occasional Columbus SL

The occasional Columbus SL or SLX fork pops up on ebay...just keep your eyes peeled for one with a long enough steerer. One'll come up at a reasonable price.

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