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Raleigh Track 1972         Featured Bike! on 07/25/2012

Bike tags: Track bike | 1972 | campagnolo | cinelli | Raleigh
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57cm Raleigh Track 1972

Cinelii Pista/ 2A

Campagnolo Pista

Campagnolo Pista, Campagnolo Rim

Campagnolo Pista, Campagnolo Gamma Rim

Campagnolo Pista

Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Pista

Off for a respray soon...

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Even if a '72, it can have the '73-'74 Brochure colors

Very nice. But show them your fork crown! Needs some more shots. I actually like that color, even if not original. You dont see these frames repainted something like this too often. Please see my 1972 built Raleigh Professional Track with all original colors, this in the '73-74 scheme. In other words, there were some frames that were built in '72 but painted in '73. I happen to also prefer the '73-74 colors over the 72, although whoever repainted your beast picked a compelling color option, even if a bit off the 72 team shade of blue. Moik linked to my same frame at the bottom, too. Regardless, it's a timeless bike, though not as aggressive as the Italian brethren. Still, love the ride, especially with the Uber light Fiamme Ergals on the Pistas in 4x. AMAZING "at one" feeling with the bike.

-> 72 Built Raleigh Pro Track in 73 Colors
-> 72 Raleigh Pro Track Brochure Scan
-> 74 Track Brochure Scan

- kh


Love it.. super balanced!

This is my dream bike. Let

This is my dream bike.
Let me know if you ever considered selling the frame..

Could be talked in to it...

Funny you should mention that, I had it for sale a month a go but didn't find a buyer I was happy to sell to, I would hate to see it end up a mess with Miche parts and white tyres. If you are seriously interested drop me a PM or email at hi (at)

This one must have been

the light blue one with all the white bands around the tubes. It looks nice the way it is, but I can understand wanting to restore it.


Why do you want to do this? It would be a shame!


Ha, thanks, it's a lot more tatty in real life than it looks in this picture and these are not the original colours...

In that case

I understand you. On the picture it looks fine but if it has been repainted already, why not? What colour are you thinking of?


Yep, I don't really know how it looks so pristine here, it really is quite tatty in real life (well, a bit). It was resprayed at some point in it's life but I want to get it back to it's original colours which are the rich red with white panels according to the chaps who built it. I have worked out it's a '72 which means it would of been a flat blue with white panels but I'm not so keen on that livery so red and white it is....

will it be

as this at the end:
... then it will be a pleasure to see how yours will look soon!

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