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1952 Pista

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Unknown Pista / 55x56 cm / 1952

no name / SR Custom

Vitus fork / Stronglight P3

Miche Primato / Mavic CXP21 / Kenda gumwall

Miche Primato / Mavic CXP21 / Kenda gumwall

Sugino Mighty Competition / Campagnolo-Shimano mixed

San Marco Rolls / ITM



Vitus tubing and RGF bottom bracket shell (made by Gargatte). The lugs are most likely modified Oscar Eggs, but my guess is as good as yours. The original paint was in such poor condition that it was imposible to tell what make it is.

I've been informed that the frame arrived in the country in 1952. The number '52' stamped on the non-driveside track end confirms that.

Updated July 2012 - I went for a more early 20th century path-racer-inspired look. The bike is now sold to a guy in Britain.

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very nice work

"Campagnolo-Shimano mixed" bottom there is a man after my own heart! having ridden "shimano-stronglight" and "tange-specialized", among others, i appreciate what is sometimes necessary to get a bicycle on the road again. it italian? what are the bottom bracket threads? diameter of headset cups, crown race, seat post, et cetera?


It's a French bottom bracket, threads are 35mm x 1mm (1.378 x 25.4 tpi). They're pretty hard to come by, the ones that show up on eBay sell for ridiculous amounts. The only quality manufacturer I know of who still makes these is Velo Orange, and, including shipping, it would have set me back quite a lot. I had to make due with what I found locally. So the fixed cup is Shimano, the adjustable cup, lockring and axle are Campagnolo. As long as they work well together I'm a happy guy.

Not sure about headset dimensions, but the seatpost is 26.2 mm.

Now that is vintage right

Now that is vintage right there. Some sew-ups, tied and soldered would fit real nice, or, dare I say, wooden rims? Though not if you actually want to ride it of course. Anyway, great paint job, great restoration. Thanks for keeping history current.

Thank you!Indeed, a

Thank you!

Indeed, a period-correct restoration would have meant sew-ups, wooden rims, cottered cranks and so on. Not to mention how great it would look.

But on a bike which is meant to be ridden a modern clincher wheelset makes sense, even though it's a compromise.

The compromise is

The compromise is understandable. It's that or the showroom (wall). Ive done my fair share, as with this 40-something year old frame that was begging to be ridden again: and no regrets.


glad we're on the same page! That Easton fork works surprisingly well with the steel frame.

It's a bitch

getting that stuff together, so I can understand the compromise. I've got a unknown track frame from a little bit earlier era. I'm building it up with a Chater Lea skip tooth drive train, wooden rims, and a Major Taylor adjustable stem. I did compromise with the Some Major Taylor bars (just polished off the logo). Still need to score the correct tubulars, sigh! I can't wait to ride it. I hear the wooden rims have a springiness to them and the skip tooth drive train has a distinctive sound.

That's quite a project

you've got in progress, I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished. Sounds like you're pretty close, too. Good luck with finding the right tubs!


don't be disappointed when you see it. Someone previously did an awful chrome job on it. Maybe a rechrome is in order. What did I say about being a bitch!

i especially like

the feeling that this 70 year old frame really gets ridden.


It does :)

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