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1975 Masi Gran Criterium

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Masi Gran Criterium / 56cm / 1975

Cinelli Giro D'Italia 64-38 / Cinelli 1A 110mm

Masi w/ Slotted Fischer Crown / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record High Flange / Mavic G 40 / Vittoria Open Corsa Evo SC

Campagnolo Record High Flange / Mavic G 40 / Vittoria Open Corsa Evo SC

Campagnolo Record / Campagnolo Record

Concor Superleggera Confort / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Superleggeri w/ Campagnolo clips and straps / Regina Extra

Campagnolo Record / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record / Campagnolo Record

Regina Oro 6-speed freewheel 14-19

1975 Masi Gran Criterium with original paint and decals. All components date correct (except Mavic clincher rims and Vittorias). Did some retouching on the frame as per Bob Hovey's suggestion: conservation versus restoration. Glad I listened to him, was originally going to repaint.

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Masi GC

Very nice bike -- if you ever decide to move it, please let me know!

Superleggera is a big surprize, is it not?

On another point, nice score with that San Marco Concor Superleggera Confort. If you compare this version to the stock Concor, you'll notice it's WAY lighter and far more rare to find. I only have ONE of these beasts and it's in great condition and does not get ridden too much. It's the only version of this saddle with aluminum rails vs the steel rail versions. IF you hold each in your hand, you'll feel the difference right away.

On another front, I think I've written more in your comments sections than for my own bikes, not an easy feat. Lord, holy tomes...

- kh

This one is NOS. Scored it

This one is NOS. Scored it at a pretty decent price. My other Masi GC has one as well.


Nice find, Joe. Lovely Bike. Would have been an absolute shame to paint it though yellow is not my favorite of colors; this is quite unique. It's probably one of the few Masi GC I've seen in this yellow, though know they are around. But yes, to me, repainting should only be done if the bike is simply so far gone, it needs it for preservation. I'd avoid it 95% of the time as the bike only has one chance for original paint. On the other hand, if you acquired the bike already repainted, it's totally up for grabs, and might or might not be recommended. Another knock against repainting is the fact that most painters slather it on far too thick, losing the lug relief, among other issues. This is so common along with the ultra thick gloss that just didn't come on these bikes originally. Even shops like CyclArt can botch this in my view (and who wants to see another advertisement on the chain stay). I have a Pogliaghi Italcorse that was repainted before I got it. Looks cool from afar but the guy just went on a bit too thick over these super long, thin lugs. Masi of the 70s have some amazing lugs and too thick a paint would render them impotent. Don't do too many touch-ups, either. All that beast needs now is tubulars with top notch rubber! heh.... Ok, I'll shut up.

- kh

ps Hey man, show off your lugs and bottom of BB with some closeups. Might as well flaunt it. I have a line on a 74 Carlsbad, too. Slightly too small. We'll see...

Samontana yellow is one of

Samontana yellow is one of the rarer colors.

As far as paint, the issue with filed lugs is that two stage paint is actually three stages. Primer coat, color coat and clear coat. Primer coat and clear coat especially add to the thickness and can take away from lug definition. That's what separates a good painter from a great painter.

My '82 Cinelli Supercorsa is a CyclArt repaint done ~20 years ago. No issues as far as the lugs because they are chrome.

Very well taken care of.

I agree, conservation is good.

Here's the Bob Hovey page on

Here's the Bob Hovey page on Conservation and Restoration:


The article makes great sense. This information comes in really handy. I've got some projects on the way, but a couple of them were repainted by previous owners.

looks fantastic

the wheels are rebuilt, is that right? black rims would have been pretty exotic back then, at least the way i remember those days and the kinds of bikes i lusted after.

Yeah, clincher rims and

Yeah, clincher rims and rubber are not quite 70s. Wasn't thinking about the rims when I said all components date correct. Updated the Notes section.

more and more everyday I

more and more everyday I find myself wanting something of this nature

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