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Ehud's bike

Bike tags: Road bike
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Schwinn Varsity frame

road bike handle bars

I bought this bike to see if I like to ride road bikes and so far i do but cant afford to buy a better bike, any ideas on how to make this better?

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You could do a search on this site for Schwinns or Varsitys. Maybe something will inspire you to take your bike in a certain direction. I've done that plenty of times. Good luck and have fun!


if you add some random numbers to the end of ur .jpeg we will be able to see the pictures better. nice to here some one getting into bikes.

thanks man but for some

thanks man but for some reason all those pics are not of my bike


its because there are so many pictures on the site. if u try re-uploding ur pictures with a real unique name that might work better. best luck man.

ah there we go finally

ah there we go finally

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