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1983 Grandis Special ? Verona, Italy

The Italian thoroughbred Grandis, out of Verona, Italy, is relatively unknown in the States which
is quite unfortunate as it's extremely well-made, indeed, one of the best, overshadowed by none
of its Italian brethren in build quality, workmanship, and design. Moving into the 80s, I would
actually posit that some of the better Grandis samples easily surpass many of the more well-known
shops, ie De Rosa, Masi, etc in workmanship. Some of the earlier 70s Grandis were very distinctive
as well, with unique cutouts and personality galore within the pressed lugs. But even with the
move to investment cast lugs, the Grandis frames still have plenty of character with excellent attention
to detail in build. Notice the engraved head tube, curved brake bridge, extra tang length on BB,
unique Grandis fork crown, worked Grandis seat stay caps, and nicely detailed lugs/cutouts. My
other 1980 Grandis Special has some of the most nicely done lugs of any bike I own aside from the
70s Pogliaghi Italcorse. It's an amazing frame.

Right up front, I'll say this is definitely one of the top bikes I've ever had the pleasure to ride.
I would rank it right alongside my Ciocc in performance with the Ciocc only winning out ever so
slightly in the all-out 10/10ths cornering department. Given the choice between the two, I think I
would opt for the Grandis due to slightly more balanced and less twitch up front with more attention
to detail in the build. They both have incredibly good feel on the road, both also being extremely
light for their size. My two De Rosa are some of the most balanced, excellent performing
bikes I own but are just slightly less quick in corners but perhaps more appealing for the longest
rides (The Pro SLX is a beast with the DA 8).

Still, the Grandis has eclipsed all my rides as my favorite all-around bike. It would have
a far better following if more made their way across the Atlantic. No doubt about it...just
an exquisite machine. It's also one of my lightest larger rides at 20.3 lbs. Few recognize
the name, but that's their loss.

1983 Grandis Special ~ 2000px

- kh


Frame & Tubing
'83 Grandis Special ~ 60.5cm C-C ~ 58.5cm C-C TT ~ Columbus SL ~ Tecnociclo "Campagnolo" Dropouts

Fork and Headset
Grandis Proprietary Chrome Crown w/G and Columbus SL ~ Campagnolo SR

Handlebars and Stem
Cinelli Giro D' Italia 64-40 ~ Cinelli 1A 115mm ~ Benotto Cello Tape

Campagnolo Super Record Calipers w/Pads & SR Levers ~ Campag World Hoods

Front Derailleur
Campagnolo Super Record 2nd Gen (Braze-On)

Rear Derailleur
Campagnolo Super Record, 2nd Gen. PAT '83

Campagnolo Super Record

Regina Extra 7 (12,13,14,15,16,17,19)

Crankset and Bottom bracket
175 Campagnolo Super Record Strada 53/42 & Campagnolo SR BB

Campagnolo Superleggeri w/Campagnolo Alloy Clips & Alfredo Binda Straps / Shimano PD-7401 (Dura-Ace) / PD-7810 Dura-Ace

Regina CX

Saddle and Seat Post
Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa or Regal Girardi / Campagnolo Super Record Post - 27.2

Front wheel
Mavic Open 4 CD (32) ~ Campagnolo Record ~ Veloflex Pave/Master 22

Rear wheel
Mavic Open 4 CD (32) ~ Campagnolo Record ~ Veloflex Pave/Master 22

Water Cage
Vintage TA

20.3 lbs

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Man, your grandis is the

Man, your grandis is the most elegant frame I've seen in long time...
look at the shape of that fork...

I want one.

I want one.

simple, clean, nice!

simple, clean, nice!


The beatiful images and the detailed information are indeed appreciated. The fine touches on this bike are fantastic!

Molto elegante

This is a supremely nice bike, and a perfect excuse for some yellow cello tape.

Cello Tape

Thanks, man. A lot of people have disdain for ye olde Benotto Cello due to zero padding and slick nature when hands are sweaty. Regardless, I now have it on over half my bikes and although needing gloves in summer, I love the direct feel. The other favorite is now the somewhat harder to source Bike Ribbon, the original version with the small hole line running down center. The new version is not as good. Luckily, I bought enough rolls of that stuff to pad a small insane asylum, so all is well on the Bike Ribbon front. That yellow Cello is perfect for this Grandis. It somewhat makes the final aesthetic nut.


Perfect posting, nice pics and what a bike!

That's really clean paintwork

for a 30-year old Italian bike. Is it all original?

The lugs on the stay braces are quite suave.

The blue 80 Grandis Special is even better

Thanks, man. The blue '80 has even finer, thinner, crisper lugs, believe it or not. Grandis really were so well-made. This 83 is not all original as I bought it as a frame with SR BB & HS. It was originally shod with a complete SR Gruppo, however.

I actually meant "is the paint original",

but you did beat me to the followup question.

Oh....sorry. Paint all original

Heh... Yep, I misread it. As you probably deduced by now, the paint is all original. I usually dont repaint a bike unless absolutely last resort and you need it for frame sake.... or the previous owner repainted it and it was a botched job. Check out the paint work on the blue '80, too.

I love it when people

I love it when people include a picture of them riding the bike, sometimes I wonder if these bikes people post actually get ridden.

Like it as well

I decided the same thing quite a while ago and try to find at least one interesting shot of the bike in action. I ride every one of my bikes and try to rotate through the whole lot monthly. Always great to get back on a bike and remember what made you love it so much. I've been on this Grandis a lot the past few months, but still love the Ciocc, De Rosas, Colnago, and Raleigh Professional, each with it's own character. Each one has different aspects you must address when pushing it hard, trying to get the most out of the machine. Seeing these bikes in action is a treat. Now I have three more frames I really need to get going.

But where are you?

Hey man, where are the photos of YOU on your rides? heh... At least one! C'mon, veggie.

On the other hand, this is still one of the best photos on the entire Velospace prodution. Love those...


Favourite color scheme.


how did you score this beast!?

Found TWO within a month, the first direct from Italy

Thanks, JP. Actually, I managed to locate two within a month, the first one a 1980 Grandis Special frame (photo), direct from Italy. I had seen an amazing Grandis years ago though could not find one in my size. I finally chanced on this 1980 Italian beast that exhibited some of the nicest workmanship and was within my size parameters. When it arrived, I was just blown away. It's the next bike to be built. Strangely enough, I found the 83 above, this with a Campag SR BB and HS, three weeks after the 80 arrived. Still, the original blue 61.5cm direct from Italy is perhaps the nicest investment cast lug Grandis I've ever seen. All are made well but this '80 just really has attention to detail. BTW, nice Merckx! Hope to get up to the Triangle for a ride.

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