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Club Roost GoFast Hardcore DH Rise Bar and Nitto Pro NJS Jaguar Track Stem Gold 90mm

Cyclops fork and shimano 600 headset

cheapo rims laced to a velocity hub

same cheapo rim laced to another velocity hub

ultegra bottom bracket with shimano 600 crankset

Giro vitesse saddle with SR La Prade seatpost

Time ATAC Alium Pedals with random BMX chain

44 random anodized blue front chain ring and Surly 16 tooth cog

Barbie's mostly compiled of old road and mnt bike parts, but she rides like a dream. She's only my work (bike messenger) bike, so i dont put too much money into her.Regardless, all my other bikes are probably jealous cause i ride her the most!!!


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question not about your bike

are you meaning to say "ride hard COMMA retards", like we are the retards or "ride hard retards" like you are a retard that rides hard?

just wondering.

spoke cards

holy crap, escort flyers for spoke cards.... GENIUS! haha, so good.

bleh, pink

I don't think i would like pink in anyother combo.

high fives n' hip chex



it's time for an update!


how much do you want for the spoke cards

spoke cards...

i send you a few if you want...whats your address?



and i don't just mean the bike...

looks like a bag of skittles

looks like a bag of skittles threw up..i love it!

Spoke cards !

...Cards spoke to me

barbie got IT.....

sweet ride!

tanks!!! your's aint so bad

tanks!!! your's aint so bad either...but whats with the mad dents in the front rim? or is that just the photo?

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