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Cannondale Caad3 Saeco

Bike tags: Road bike | cannondale | cipollini | shimano | USA
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Cannondale CAAD3 58cm


Cannondale / Shimano (?)

Mavic CPX-14 / Shimano 105

Mavic CPX-14 / Shimano 105

Shimano 105

Selle San Marco Rolls / Kalloy


Shimano 105 / Shimano 600

Shimano 105

8 speed 12-21

Need to make more Ks and wait and see if i want to upgrade my group to something modern and Italian..

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thanks for the usefull

thanks for the usefull input.. very useful.. love you


Cool bike! But it seems as the chain is too short...

Chain longer again?


Maybe it's too short.. but before i shortened the chain, it was on the chainstays on the smallest rings.. (which i use).. now i can't get the two biggest rings (which i never use).. also there was a MTB cassette on it before i changed it out with this one, which made it even more difficult to size the chain.

This is my first bike with gears, so i have little to no experience with them, i'm glad i made it change gears as well as they do now (which was terrible when i bought the bike).. ;)

So your recommendation is making the chain a little bigger again? And should that be a problem when i change to that MTB cassette again?


You cant easily swap between a road and mtn cassette. The deraillur cAge lengths are specific to road and mtn cassettes so your road deraillur wont be able to handle in. To size the chain loop it over your big ring and largest cog withoutgoing through the deraillur then add two full links to that.


it's way easier to run the chain through the derailleur, put it on the smallest (least teeth) cog and chainring and just shorten the chain so that the derailleur is under tension in that position. Assuming your derailleur can handle the range of your cogs this will work every time.


ok, thanks guys.. I threw away the part of the chain.. so if i'm experiencing problems with this length, i'll buy a new one an measure it correctly.. So far it's running fine (except the two biggest rings), so no reason to panic :D.. btw, on the photo it has almost the biggest cog on the back.. so this is as tight as it will get...

The MTB cassete was on it when i bought it.. and it was strange and not working, you probably need a MTB derailleur for it.. but there are absolutely NO mountains in the Netherlands.. so this cassette i put on it is fine.. This summer i will visit the steepest hill in the Netherlands ( let's see if i can get up there :D

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