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Trying to ID this frame- help?

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I'm trying to ID this frame. I bought it used in 1983. The racer I bought it from claimed it was a Bob Jackson, but I have no way of knowing if that is correct. Any experts out there who can help me? I want to restore it, but I'll only put BJ decals on it if I am pretty sure it is one.
English threads, English sized allen bolt on the seat cluster.

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Heard from Bob Jackson

I got a reply from the factory- somewhat equivocal, but saying that the serial number was one of theirs and would be correct for the early seventies. Taken with the assertion by the seller that this is a Bob Jackson, I fell pretty convinced. Now, what to do? Powder coat? Traditional paint? Wait another 30 years? Hmm, maybe not the best option...

I have two Bob Jacksons

The road frame has been waiting to be built up. The paint on both of them are beautiful. Have them do it if you can afford it. If you have a place that is known for bike restoration that is closer to where you are, give them a try. That's what I did in Philly. Instead of sending my '62 Paramount Track frame to Waterford, I had Bilenky Cycles do the restoration. They did a great job including decals under the clearcoat and pinstriping. If you are gonna get it powdercoated, stay away from the colors that are thick and goopy. Gloss black is the worst as with most opaque colors. The two step clear/candy colors come out the best. They have a metallic silver undercoat. Dazzling in the sunlight. My Hutch BMX is a powdercoat and so is the lugged Gitane Track frame (metallic candy red, not posted yet). The lugs came out crisp and not goopy looking. Hope this helps.
Best Wishes.

Bob Jackson

Thanks for the thoughts! I think I will try to stay local, or at least west coast, if I get it painted. For powder coating there is a guy near here that is supposed to be getting good. Otherwise, I had a bike painted by CyclArt in CA, and they did a good job. Good to know about the powder coat colors- I am a total beginner there, so thx for the tips! I'll look out for the Gitane when you get to posting it.


is definitely a good choice, especially you've already had a good experience with them.


Hey thanks for all the replies! Here is a little more of the story: I was working at Turin Bicycle Coop in Evanston as a mechanic when I bought the bike from one of the members of the racing team they sponsored at the time. It had no decals on it at all, and had been resprayed- a pretty decent job, though not beautiful. So- I'm responsible for the decals it has on it. I know it's not French- I know more about French bikes than English ones! I've sent Bob Jackson an email, but will have to try again, because I had forgotten about the serial number when I wrote them. We'll see if they have the inclination to reply! Cheers all, and thanks again!

Best Way to Find Out.

Contact Bob Jackson Cycles with the serial #. It certainly looks like one of his frames, but then again Nervex lugs were used by a gang of frame makers. The seat stay cluster really looks like his handiwork.


Looks like a PX-10? I'd say scrape off some of the blue paint on the lugs to see if its black and some on the BB to see if it's white. Hmm, now that I really look at it seems the blue paint is original.

trying to help ya

the Turin decal almost has ta' be Turin co-op.there is one in Evanston,Illinois.I am told there is also one in Denver.(There used to be two others in Chicago.Evanston is just North of Chicago.)You could contact them.
What do the other seat tube decals say?

Certainly looks like

Certainly looks like something British, they like to go balls out on lug points.
Super stoked on this, thanks for uploading!!

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