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1989 De Rosa Professional SLX

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Professional SLX / 55cm / 1989

Cinelli Giro D'Italia / Cinelli 1A

De Rosa / Dura Ace 7402

Dura Ace 7402 / Mavic MA 40 / Michelin Pro 4

Dura Ace 7402 / Mavic MA 40 / Michelin Pro 4

Dura Ace 7402 / Dura Ace 7402

Brooks Swallow / Dura Ace 7400

Dura Ace 7400

Dura Ace 7402 / Dura Ace 7402

Dura Ace 7402 / Dura Ace 7402

Dura Ace 7402 SIS 8-speed 12-21

1989 De Rosa Professional SLX with Dura Ace 7402 Groupset.

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Nice -

There is a particular ride that I go on that I'd really like to do with this bike: twisty roads, short climbs and descents one after the other.

Your Merckx not that far from this...

You do realize that your Merckx is so derivative of the standard De Rosa Professional, it's going to be not that far removed. Ugo was the mentor, inspiration, and standard by which Merckx took all his earlier steel frames, including later Corsa Extra. So take your latest Merckx for a vigorous spin on that same route and you've got a pretty good idea.

- kh


bike? Um, hello? Do it!


I agree.

Nice Set Up


Very nice SLX. My SLX is

Very nice SLX.

My SLX is still a favorite ride of mine,especially for longer jaunts in the country, and sports a similar DA gruppo.

Thanks for sharing!

Uuuuu !!!

Holy smokes, what a bike !! Don't get much better than this. Quite nice that you have shifting on the frame, I have it the other way. Pedals are practical, I think I have the same. In any case, congratz and enjoy!!!

Now have the triumvirate of

Now have the triumvirate of Classic Italian Steel: Cinelli, Masi, De Rosa.

Want to improve the ride/feel/performance/handling?

Indeed. You have a nice collection mounting. Love that De Rosa's color contrast with the decals, one of my favorites. Personally, I would seriously consider an upgrade in your tires, and perhaps even tubes, on a few of your rides. It would bring each of them to another level and the actual difference in feel and performance would be profound. Life's too short to ride tires that exhibit the feel and elan of cement, shod as if making it to 2015 without puncture or tread wear is of utmost import. A good stiff, rigid wheelset combined with some quality rubber would be an eye-opener.

If you want to retain the all-black aesthetic, opt for the Veloflex Corsa 22. If you want to go with the more vintage tan sidewall, the Veloflex Master 22 is the answer. These are the exact same tire, the only difference being sidewall color. These tires are hand-made in Italy, utilizing natural rubber and core spun cotton casing with a high 320 threads per inch. They weigh only 180-190g. Essentially, they are a tubular in clincher form.

What to expect? The absolute best feel on the road and corning power that is second to no other clincher I've rolled on. I have Michelin Pro 4 on my De Rosa Pro SLX and the Veloflex Master 22/Corsa 22 are just on another level in the corners. And the feel is sublime, giving your top notch Columbus steel ride the best result aside from a high quality tubular wheelset. The Vittoria Open Corsa are also nice but I think the hand-made Veloflex are a step up. Compared to something as pedestrian as the Serfas or Gatorskins, you're talking night and day on every front aside from wear and puncture resistance.

I dont get many flats with the Veloflex. Depending on how hard you ride, your weight, and roads, expect about 1500-2500 on the rear. Be sure to stretch them on a spare wheel for a few days before mounting. Even then, one of the toughest tires to mount of any ever made. It's worth the effort and expense, especially if your own some fine machinery.

- kh

I'll be putting Michelin Pro

I'll be putting Michelin Pro 4s on the De Rosa. Been busy with a '75 Masi GC build lately.

If you havent bought them already...

If you have not bought them already, bypass the Michelin Pro 4 and go with above. I'm telling you, it's a not so subtle difference. I got some of the very first Pro 4s in our State back in the early fall and am on my second pair. See my review of them at ProBikeKit's Michelin Pro 4 Reviews, #1 under abstrait. I gave them a good, detailed review but cant stress enough how much better the Veloflex Master/Corsa 22 are. I would get them over the Pro 4 in a heartbeat, this coming from someone that has used Pro 2, Pro 3, and now Pro 4, over the years.

Tires: my 2c

I have used Veloflex tubulars and clinchers as well as Michelins for different purposes and in all kinds of conditions.

Veloflex make a clincher tire that best replicates the suppleness of good tubulars. If you have to compromise on a bike that would have originally had tubs, these are your best choice. I use the Master 22 with Michelin tubes. See my Peugeot PY-10.

For overall performance (not just feel and weight, but other factors like durability and wet weather grip) the Pro 4 is the best all-round tire I have used. I have them on my Corsa Extra, and the improvement over the Pro 3 is vast. It's a proper high-milage, all-weather training tire - and not slow. Clinchers are a necessary compromise from racing tires, and Michelin aren't pretending otherwise.

Pro 4 not a high Mileage tire in my view - Nor better handling.

I have to disagree here on the Pro 4. I think the only place it equals the Veloflex Master 22 or Corsa 22 is rolling resistance. Cornering is not near the Veloflex and neither is road feel, something you do laud in your message.

Ironically, I think the first runs of the Michelin Pro 4 Service Course square off even faster on the rear than the Master 22, and give up more weight to boot. Perhaps the Endurance version might be better in the wear department, but I think the Veloflex a superior tire overall. There is no comparison in hard cornering.

With SAME BIKE, hit a 90 degree corner with the Pro 4 over 25mph. Then take said corner with the Veloflex; the result? You'll find the grip and hold one whole step up, not to mention the lack of any chatter with full-on plant, all an order of magnitude better. This is really noticeable if corner tarmac is slightly rough. I think you can carry more speed in and out of corner with the Master. And amazingly, the Pro 4 is FAR superior to the Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 3 in corners. Just shows how much better the Veloflex is.

As you note, the Veloflex is a more supple tire and I think the #1 Clincher made though the new Pro 4 DOES roll nicely, resists cuts better than Pro 3, and is better handling than its predecessors. In addition, I would take the Veloflex in wet grip over Pro 4. Problem is, the Veloflex Master series really discolors in the wet, though not a problem with the Corsa 22 version in all black.

Of note, I've now had two sets of Michelin Pro 4 Service Course on my '88 De Rosa Pro SLX.

- kh

I can get the Pro 4s at a

I can get the Pro 4s at a very good price, good enough to give them a try.

Uploaded new pics of my Cinelli Supercorsa with Vittorias, been on them for a while. Don't want you to think I'm skimping on rubber.

Saw you got the Pro 4

See you finally got the Michelin Pro 4 on there. Have you had any good rides with them? Really nice tire if it wears a tad quick, even for a performance tire. Not quite on same level as Veloflex in feel and handling but does roll very nice. Don't forget to try the Corsa 22 for your next rubber option. Like your new shots better than last "fence" round, too.

In the last round of pics

In the last round of pics the sun was too harsh. New pics have a giant diffuser in the sky (clouds). Haven't ridden the Pro 4s much on the De Rosa, but have put some time on my orange bike (custom) with them. I like them more compared to Vittoria Open Corsa Evo SC. To me the Pro 4s have a lot of grip and a good feel for the road, never been on Veloflex to compare. You're right though, life is too short to ride crappy tires.

Veloflex tires have been

on my wish list for a while. Eventually, sigh.


Hello sexy!!!!

I'd say an 89 or so as well. Definitely after 88...

One of the MAIN differences in the '89 is that move to the cast rear brake bridge. If you see my '88, the rear bridge was still made from actual tubing. You see the continuation of the De Rosa on the front of the top tube. I think 86 (maybe some 87) might have been the last year of the "Super Prestige" decal. Regardless, lovely De Rosa. Still one of my favorite rides on a number of levels.

- kh

I like 1989

Can never be sure, but it's a dead match for the blue model in 1989. Fork crown, chrome design, and cast brake bridge are clues.

I have a scan of the 1989 catalog page - if you'd like to see it PM me your email.

In fact, I had the identical blue frame with 7402 group. It was terribly rusty however, so I gave it a full restoration in anthracite silver and am building it with C-Record.

Based on the catalog looks

Based on the catalog looks like this is a '89.


what great bike! color is amazing and i love the look of the 7400 stuff!
one gripe is that traditional bend bars that far from level always bother me a bit
either way, sweet ride!

Cinelli 64

I'd say this is one of the trickiest bars to set up. The 66 and 65 models aren't so bad.

Have to agree on the angle of bars...

I have to agree on your assessment of the angle of the bars, just on an aesthetic front. He could move the brake levers up on the bar a bit to replicate this angle for use of hoods. Alas, trying to duplicate the ergo-bar angle with traditional bar drops is always problematic. Better to get used to riding within the curve when wanting that angle of attack when in drops. Then again, the only thing one step worse is the guy attempting to duplicate The Official Sheldon Brown Bars Level with Saddle approach, which some achieve with stems jacked up to high heaven (or even worse, the horrible riser stem on vintage steel). My advice to those frustrated few is to go ahead and invest in some tourist bars.

Gorgeous Bike,

The taper and bend of that fork is amazing!

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

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