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'11 Specialized Langster Steel

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | 2011 | 520 | more tags >>
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Specialized Langster Steel / 56cm / 2011

Specialized Stock / Specialized Stock

Specialized Steel Stock / Dura-Ace HP-7410

Dura-Ace HB-7600 / Araya Gold 16B / Vittoria Pista Evo CL 19c

Dura-Ace HB-7600 / Araya Gold 16B / Vittoria Pista Evo CL 19c

Dura-Ace FC-7600 / Hatta R9400

Specialized Romin Evo 155 / Specialized Stock

Mavic SL-Ti / KMC D101

49x15 / FSA Track / Wheels laced 36h 4-cross with DT Swiss double butted spokes and brass nips

It was extremely fun to build. After a short stint riding on the track, I sold the majority of this bike. I still have the wheelset pictured here, fortunately.

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Love a Langster

ATB I always said the steel Langsters were the best of them.Yours is beautiful.


You've got some nice looking Specialized steel there as well, solid rides!

Hi there, Absolutely

Hi there,

Absolutely beautiful bike. Almost exactly what I plan on building myself. I actually have a quick question if you wouldn't mind answering? I've been offered the same frame as part of the Specialised frame replacement scheme as my old 2008 aluminium Langster was vandalized recently. My local bike shop says that the steel frameset will cost me €250 on the frame replacement scheme. Is that a good deal in your opinion? Thank you in advance.


Frame Replacement

I'd say it's not a bad deal, but a lot of things come into play here. Are you keen on the steel, over the aluminum? It is definitely a different ride quality, not necessarily better or worse, both have their own strong points. Additionally you might need a different headset and stem, as the steel frame uses a threaded fork. The cost doesn't seem bad at all, it's a decent discount (a standard "crash replacement" discount where the issue isn't necessarily warranty related) and MSRP on the steel '11 frame would have been about €360 depending on your area (I'm using a conversion here as I'm in the states, I could be way off!). If you were hoping to go with the steel frame at some point anyways, then yeah, it's totally a great chance to snag it at a good price! A lot of people would value the aluminum version higher than the steel, with good reason, as it uses more modern standards and tech - but steel is real! The new pro level Langster is pretty amazing, but unfortunately not available as a frameset, so much more expensive. The aluminum '11 frameset might be an option though (estimating €500 with the replacement deal) depending on your LBS and how keen you are on the steel or alu.

Either way, you'll love it I'm sure! Mine rides like a cruise missile, it's very smooth, but the get-up-and-go is always ready whenever I need it.

Thank you

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I'm very keen on the steel frame especially after seeing your build. I'm from Ireland and there's actually a government initiative at the moment that if you purchase a new bike through your employer that you can get €1000 worth of a bike for €500. So I'm thinking of building a really nice bike based on the Langster steel. My bike shop initially offered me the 2012 alu frame but now they say they can only get me the 2012 steel frame with the frame replacement. I was aware that the alu frame could be valued a bit higher which is kinda why I wanted to ask your opinion on it. Anyway, thanks again for all your help.


Hottest. Langster. Ever. Built. Period.


Why thank you very much!

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