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RVT Titanium Track

Bike tags: Track bike | clockworksf | Custom | russian | titanium
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Russian Vested Technologies custom Ti



SPOX / Phil - Campy Atlanta

Phil Wood low flange - Campy Atlanta

Dura Ace / Shimano cartridge

Weyless / Kashimax


UPDATE: SOLD! Stay tuned for the next bike.
UPDATE: Wheels recovered! Dreams do come true.
UPDATED UPDATE: Front wheel crumpled, fork broken. Love taps from a Benz.
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: New bars, new fork, new post, new life. No more CLKWRK.

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What are those extenders on the ends of you handle bars in the first photo? I know I've seen shino with them.

So you switched to this

So you switched to this after your batman-looking bike? I am glad to see that you ride in style, regardless of your current situation. Bravo.

love it, what kind of bar

love it, what kind of bar ends are those?


It is nice, very nice!!!! Well done. I wish I could have more space. :)

the first Ti track bike

...that I can honestly say looks totally badass. great job building this up... looks like a real workhorse.

yea! Ti is wheres its

FUck yea! Ti is wheres its at! Awesome build man!

that paint on the frame

is pretty fuckin' sweet.

No paint...'s a bunch of layered Clockwork Courier stickers!

oh baby

look like a rocket. whats with the toe clips?

They hold your feet in?

They hold your feet in? What do you mean whats with them?

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