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f.moser forma

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F. Moser Forma / 51.5 / Late 90's

3ttt Morphe / 3t Status

Wound Up / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Vento

Campagnolo Vento

Campagnolo Veloce / Campagnolo Record

Specialized Toupe / Thomson

Look Keo Max 2 / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Centaur / Campagnolo Veloce

Campagnolo Veloce / Campagnolo Centaur

Campagnolo Record


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love these bikes, real track bikes are awesome.


Ummmm whut? Please elaborate on what makes this a "real track bike"

Dude's seeing things.

Dude's seeing things. Suppose he calls his Medici a track bike too.


meow >.<

I need this back in my life

I need this back in my life

Yeah, thank gosh you've

Yeah, thank gosh you've chosen to edify us. Spare not your wallet, nor mine eyes.

This thing is so fucking

This thing is so fucking sick! Modern groups on older frames are aways so sweet, and this is pretty much my dream set up. =

Wait, did you sell the

Wait, did you sell the Moser?


Was thinking about it, sold the wheelset and cranks. Waiting for a good deal on 170mm chorus cranks to pop up.. Not sure what wheels I'm going to go with..



Its so beautiful, I'm having

Its so beautiful, I'm having to hold myself back from buying the frameset


It's the perfect size.. Plus no cracks ;)

How long be thar top tube?

How long be thar top tube?

Thanks guys!

Tubing is deda zero tre.

nice bike

Very nice bike !!!!
what kind of steel is the frame made of????

this is super sick!!!! could

this is super sick!!!! could be way lighter with lighter wheels ;) but damn dude you hit the nail on the head with this one for sure!!

This thing so good!

This thing so good!

Thnx guys!

Veggie, I'm sure you will be over it when the nago is done ;)

But you have ventos D:

But you have ventos D:

They look sexy..

But you can get a much better, modern wheelset for the $$! I'm happy, But I'd probably get rid of them if they didn't match so goddamn perfect!

9 speed record/Open pro :D

9 speed record/Open pro :D


FACT: Regardless of weight, Ventos will be 0.5mph on average faster* than Open Pros due to their unbelievable aerodynamics and the flywheel effect. I still race them today.

(*unless you're in the hills, in which case it's decidedly the other way around.)



I vote blue saddle and grip

I vote blue saddle and grip tape :P

i like it a lo!

i like it a lo!

This rocks!

This rocks!

details pahlease!

details pahlease!


she's not a particularly high-end moser, so i didn't worry about preserving it's sanctity. Will continue to further abominate.


I approve of this Moser abomination business!


Yeah, your moser was kind of the inspiration for this build!

You kidding me?

I can see that it's not all original, but looks great.

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