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Bianchi Celeste Campion D' Italia 53.5 square Pantographed (Sold living in OZ)

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Bianchi Specialissima Campione D'Italia Fully Chromed the painted / 53.5 square / 85?

TTT Olympic competizione / TTT Bianchi Pantographed 100mm

Bianchi Columbus Fully Chromed then painted / Campagnolo Nuovo Record loose ball

Matrix Iso tubular / DA / Vittoria

Matrix Iso Tubular / DA / Vittoria

Ofmega Strada 170 / Ofmega Both identical to Campy NR

Selle Italia Rolls non original but matches contrast decals! / Campagnolo Nuovo Record removable rails 27.2


Campagnolo Nuovo Record pat. 82

Modolo Speedy Silver

42/52 Ofmega Chainrings, again Identical to NR

Private purchase from a friend. Rode it for years with the urban "turned up drop" method. Yet it in remarkably excellent condition. Only to find the incredibly rare Modolo Orion levers he unknowingly swapped to, had chips at the base. Though with bar tape the problem would be invisible!
NO dents, dings, or alignment issues, just a few normal paint chips, which only serve to reveal the chrome below!
Serial number is 1361 L.2, and stamped at side of seatpost clamp area, NOTHING on BB. Any Celestiphiles have a comment about this?
Campy dropouts and fork crown were left with chrome showing, the rest is painted over.
One of only two I have seen with factory pantographed and painted to match the contrasting navy blue Bianchi decal.
The Ofmega Crankset is stamped Bianchi as well as the chrome dust caps. I believe these are Identical to Nuove Record cranks that Ofmega was subcontracted to build for Campy. The flute is the same demensions and only missing the winged logo, which would interfere with the Bianchi stamp. Have seen this also on some Olmos and Pinarellos, and seemed to be quite common as demand outpaced Campagnolos ability to keep up with demands.

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new home

This just sold and has a new home in New South Wales Australia. Awaiting installation of new wheelset with Super Record hubs, SL pedals and a celeste Selle Bianchi saddle.

The Bike

is definitely going to be enjoyed.

That's Lookin' Great



...the other side of the seatpost clamp area. My Bianchi, also of the Piaggio era, had the serial number wrap around both sides. It might be really faint, made this observation to someone on BikeForums once, and he noticed the rest of the serial number for the first time after years of ownership! I date mine to 82 because of that.

Beautiful bike. Those panto'd bits are ballin'.

Will have to head out to the shop

And check that out. I listed it for sale on Ebay since it to small for me. 13 watchers after less than 12 hours listed.

drive side

2.L or 2,L
Data base to date this bike?
Will google in the mean time.

i think...

...that translates out to December of 82. 2 for the year, L for the month. What I've been able to gather about Bianchi serial #'s from this era, that's how 2.L reads out.

From some other research

And the Pat. 82 on the Nuovo record rear, I was suspecting this. Funniest thing is about 90% of the stuff I find and want to restore seems to be 82-86. Same time I started racing, and all the cravings must be based on the time when I learned so much and drooled over catalogues!

Something else to note...

...Piaggio sold their stake in Bianchi after 1984, so any frame that has one of their decals is going to be from 84 and before.

1980 to 1984, to set a minimum limit

Bianchi's been through a lot of hands over the last 35 or so years. It's currently owned by Cycleurope, a Swedish holding company that also owns Crescent, Gitane, Monark and Puch.

so their cousins

Are lawnmowers, mopeds and scissors?

Among other things

I have a book in Italian that I got off eBay, in the mistaken impression that it was mostly about bikes. 85% of the book is about Bianchi cars and motorcycles from the '20s through the '50s.

Oh, well.

Puch (AKA Austro-Daimler) was also a big bike company.

My family is from Holland

I always laughed at the way Americans pronounced Puch, like "puke" instaed of poogh with a little throat clearing at the end.

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