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Juggins Pursuit Bike - admired by Boardman & Sturgess

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Juggins custom built pursuit, Columbus Air/SL/SLX/Reynolds 531 motorbike tube mix/21 1/4"/1988

TTT Merckx upturned/ Reynold 531 motorbike tubing brazed directly to forkcrown

Columbus air blades, Vitus Crown (threaded brake hole on reverse to enable riding on road)/Stonglight a 9 lower race, concealed top sealed bearing

Wolber Profile 18 26"/ 28 DT Bladed spokes/ Campag Record/Wolber 18mm 26"

Wolber Profile 18/ 28 DT Bladed spokes/ Campag Record/Wolber 18mm

Stronglight polished 107 pista with 52t Super Record Chainring/Campagnolo Super Record Titanium pista

Cinelli Unica leather unpadded/C Record 27.2

C Record Pista/Sedis silver


Can fit sidepull brake wound in on reverse of fork crown (limits steering!)

52 x 16


Bike was built to order to match my position on the drops of a 54 CM duralinox. Bars/stem off crown and concealed headset inspired by the bike of Maic Malchow, DDR, Winner of 1980 World Kilometre tt. Not ridden as fast as deserved, the bike was admired by both Chris Boardman and Colin Sturgess when I was competing at National Track Championships.

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Considering that you called the parts on my racing bike unusual, i have to comit that your pursuit track bike is really SPECIAL and NICE.

Thank you Ravi, apologies

Thank you Ravi, apologies for the delay in my reply, been away. Yes its a lovely bike that needs a respray and putting back the way it was - when I've got round to it I'll show the end result, cheers Ian

In case interested further link to Sturgess 88 Olympic ride

You might enjoy this, check out the East German Dittert shaking his head afterwards - he knew he'd been in a fight!

Wow, Awesome Bike!

First thought it was a Takhion.

Thank you Campystamp!

Hi Campystamp, many thanks sorry the picture chops the saddle off! I've not heard of Takhion, this bike was built by a genius working in a tiny shed! Kevin Juggins built beautiful frames, but no longer builds - that I know of. The bike is currently in bits. Years ago I had it resprayed in a Porsche 'strawberry pink' colour and the twits that sprayed it used the wrong kind of primer so the enamel just flaked off. It needs respraying and rebuilding - I'll post more pictures when I can of its renovation. Cheers Ian

I know the feeling.

I purchased a primered '62 Paramount track frameset. When I had it restored, I began to see blisters all over the paint. It was redone, decals and all, at no additional charges. I really need to get that one built. Sometimes I lose track of it all.


The company that botched mine offered to do it again but I didn't trust them, the irony was I tok it to them because the bloke that originally sprayed it was working there! I've got most of my bikes in the loft, and they all (bar alize and cube) need renovating - rather costly! Having kids and no time doesn't help! Hope you mangage to get the Paramount built up soon. Cheers Ian

Pretty much got everything.

All the period correct stuff. Just need to lace up front wheel and get the tires glued on. And yes, it does get costly. Family comes first though. That goes without saying.

sweet lookin ride

but as the other poster said, needs better pics

Better pics - will do as soon as can

Hi Bummer,

The bike is in my loft in a state as descibed above, sprayed by twits who used the wrong primer. Couldn't trust them to spray it again - if they could do that who knows they might dent it! So it's lain dormant for many years.

When I have the time I'll take pics before and after restoration.

Cheers Ian

Nice Bike!

... would be nice to see a better quality picture of this bike.

Tried to upload new pics, wiped originals and now no photos!

Hi Curly wolf, pulled frame from loft, took pre-renovation pics, tried to upload and original pics wiped but cannot get new pics on here! All a bit strange! (If you could give me your email address I'll send a couple so you can geta better Idea of the quality, its a stunning bike). Cheers Ian

As above Curlywolf -will try to oblige before months pass

Hi Curlywolf, the frame is superb, as stated in description Colin Sturgess and Chris Boardman both spent a while admiring it when hung on the rail at the national track championships. Sturgess turned pro for ADR and won the world pro pursuit in 1989 - watch here , especially the last kilo, the guy was electrifying;

I'm sure Boardman needs no introduction!

Cheers Ian

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