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Dancelli Supercorsa

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Dancelli Super Corsa / 62 cm (engraved on bottom bracket shell) M to M | 63 cm M to Top / Reynolds 531 with Campagnolo 1010/B / late 70s - early 80s

3ttt Superleggero GIMONDI bend | 40 cm M-M / 3ttt Status 130mm

Dancelli stock / Rudelli

Gipiemme Special (400BB) 36h laced to Campagnolo Omega 19 hardox / Veloflex Master 700c/22mm open-tubular (Italy handmade) or 2nd wheelset: Mavic 501 36h laced to Mavic Refelex Sup

Gipiemme Cronospecial (Ref. 600161 ) (sealed bearings) 36h laced to Campagnolo Omega 19 hardox / Veloflex Master or 2nd wheelset: Mavic 501 / Mavic Refelex Sup

Gipiemme Special (pantografato - Ref.600100/M) | Gipiemme panto chainring bolts & Gipiemme dust caps | Cambio Rino chainrings / Italian thread Dura Ace cups & Shimano 600 spindle

Iscaselle GIRO D'ITALIA / Gipiemme Cronosprint 600BA 27,0 mm

Gipiemme Cronospecial 300AX pedals | Gipiemme toe-clips & straps / Regina Extra Modello Super Racing

Campagnolo Syncro II / FD Campagnolo Super Record / RD Gipiemme Exploit - Cronospecial 801 AE ( introduced 82' )

Gipiemme Cronospecial 700AA *grey&super shiny* / Gipiemme Cronospecial *grey&super shiny*

mod. Nova by Everest, Guglielmo Caimi lega leggera light alloy 7S 12-21 - 195 gr./ drilled,grooved&black anodized chainrings 42/53 CambioRino | 53t>80g | 42t>35g / Campagnolo#1072 / Modolo 919

Switched the pedals to the Simoncini & other way around.
Removed the down tube sticker since it was actually for the seat tube hence vertical lettering (see last picture, poor mobile phone photo)

Actually (03/06/2015 -> edit ->) using a Zeus 2000 light alloy 6s freewheel because my nice ruota libera in lega leggera di milano, da Everest mod. Nova a 7V (italian light alloy freewheel by Everest, from milan ^^) is a 7 speed freewheel and with my newer (and also new-old-stock) wheelset, rear: nos gpm cronopsecial (1. gen.), front: nos gpm special, the freewheel is not usable beacuse of the rear hub spacing about 125,4 mm, in comparison to the mavic 501 hubs/wheelset(rear spacing @ 126,5 mm).

A dreAm : D

Added NIP|NOS black SILVA "the first" double layer leather toe straps,reinforced with nylon and extra leather padding close to the buckle & end buttons

NIP|NOS Campagnolo Syncro II shifters added

NOS Gipiemme Panto chromed chainring bolts added

Added NIP|NOS GPM Crono Special brake set and new Modolo 919 Anatomic gum colour hoods

Added a NIP|NOS GPM Crono Special pedals, gipiemme toe-clips & toe-straps

Added finally NIP|NOS Campagnolo screws for Campgnolo 1010/B dropouts, that i had lying around for more than a year ^^, and removed the down tube sticker "decal", which is/was actually designed for the seat tube hence the vertical lettering. (bought the frame nos like this with slight shop wear @ closing bicycle store / cologne)

21.5 lbs

new pictures will come someday ... ^^

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Nice Components

There's just something exotic about stuff that's not made anymore, especially the good stuff.

What a beauty... Great mix

What a beauty... Great mix of components, something different from the eternal Campy stuff

Nice Details

Looking really good.

thank you very much,

for your kind words. I was just not happy with my Shimano 600/Ultegra 6401/6400F braze-on FD, then i actually had the occasion to get my Campagnolo super record FD, which you can see here, pretty cheap from my mothers birthplace Milan, so i just had to go for it, beyond that i always wanted some super record bit - it matches also perfectly with the lightweight avional drilled & black anodised chainrings, as with the Gipiemme Panto crank. Especially since i do not own a pair of classic bicycle racing shoes for cleats, the (Nuovo) Triomphe pedals with the ICS erogonometric toe clips(thanks to the double toe strap duct - the strap can be pretty tight and you can get in&out without any problems)are very comfy even for urban use with normal sneakers. A picture with with the new Gipiemme Crono Sprint 600 BA seat post is missing and i'm planing on renewing actually all my bicycle pictures with just a few exceptions.
And always nice to see you active here; spreading kind words and sharing your bicycle knowledge&experience with us.
best regards Ravi

Go for it

I like how you put it about getting a groupset. When you are determined to do a build you do essentially "go for it". I also agree with the freedom the toe straps give you opposed to cleat type pedals. Don't get me wrong. Carbon fiber soled racing shoes are stiff as f***. I just want to be able to jump off my bike and take action if I have to.

Unusual parts and in good condition

Is this an Italian frame, I've not heard of this make before? Lots of interesting parts on this one, always liked the Galli stuff but never had any. Also Gimondis are my bar of choice on a road bike - definitely a thumbs up for those. My latest, a Neil Pryde has funny shallow FSA Wing compacts - wish someone made Gimondi shape 31.8 bars!


btw lots of interesting pursuit/tt bikes you got, hmsgenoa :D.

thanks and concering the origin ;

as reference:

(btw on velobase they have plenty of parts+informations)

Your so right on the Gimondi bend, it's real superb. And yes the galli stuff is awesome, got now a second pair of galli brake calipers (which i mounted on my other bike and aside from being visually pleasing, they perform great and are real light.
And thanks again for the kind words, as you recognized the number of interesting parts :D to start with the handlebar weight 240gr, the Primax(weight. 90gr) or Rudelli headset(both needle bearings)(the latter is also mounted on my other bike) and aswell the gipiemme cr. sprint curved down tubeshifters
or the gipiemme special miled crank or the mavic 501 hubs (industrial sealed bearing) and the reflex sup clincher rims or the cambio rino stuff.

Took some time to get this one together.

The overall condition is excellent(some minor visual exceptions)(Frame is nos with some shop wear).

best regards

Just wanted

to 2nd the respect for the interesting build! Midnight blue is gorgeous.

thank you,

for your kind words. Midnight blue is awesome,
btw you got a good taste :D

Sweet Lug Work


thanks Campystamp

Your bikes are real nice. Fine work.
Actually i have to refill the seattube lug and also the micro cut out of the brake bridge with some yellow paint. Should have got maybe straight away a new saddle and not an used one since so much is nos and shiny :D.
And im still waiting for some sunny days for good bright pictures..........

You have things to look

forward to. It's nice to anticipate improving our bikes. You shouldn't have to do too much on that beauty though.

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