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Fixie French Riviera

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Iro Angus 52

Nitto Jaguar, azonic riser handelbar, oury grips & Paul Comp. Brake (i love it !)

IRO & Chris King

Velocity Deep-V & Milwaukee 32

Velocity Deep-V & Milwaukee 32

White Industries ENO Crankset

Fabulous brooks swallow saddle on Nitto 65

MKS & Izumi

44/16 (Dura Ace Cogs)

This is my daily bike… thanks : Will @ HubJub, Ben's cycle & Ebay !

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Looking good!!! I like it a

Looking good!!! I like it a lot!



dude wtf

why dont u have straps on ur toe cages
get back to me
dude ur bike is hella raw besides that one part
what is the sticker on the front of ur bike

pretty sure the sticker in

pretty sure the sticker in the front is a Mash SF sticker.

I really like this bike, but

I guess they would work at least as well as the MKS half clips, which don't use straps.

Nice build

I'm not usually one for powder coated deep V rims and risers, but you really pulled it off. Beautiful clean build, with a brake and geometry that can accomodate a human rider! And you did it all without breaking the bank. Bravo!

If God...

If god rode fixed, he'd ride this.

french fixed gear website

Hi Allo,
Sweet bike ! very French Riviera indeed !
I guess there are not so many FG bikes in Nice. You french ?
You will find other french fixed gear geeks at (language is french)
2 guys are from Marseille.
See you !

la classe!

T'es où sur la côte?
La seule source d'info sur le fixe en france c'est:

salut de Londres!

your angus

looks like a virgin ')

hi Jacob I am in Paris one

hi Jacob I am in Paris one or two fixie's here too... Will at hubjub is the man.

Classic! jurban designs - id


jurban designs - id - sfo

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