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Bianchi D2 Pista 100%Custom

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Bianchi D2 Pista /55/ year 2010

Easton EC90 cutted/Extralite 100mm

Carbon Fork/FSA Original

38mm Carbon Tubolar/Novatec/Tufo <215g

38mm Carbon Tubolar/On-One/Tufo <215g

Extralite QRC/Bottom Bracket integrated

Custom Carbon/New Ultimante Carbon 31,6mm

Speedplay Zero Steel / Ultegra

Velosolo 15T/Stronglight 50T/

More Info:
Weight 5.38 Kg (11,86 Lb)

other pics with Clincer Wheelset

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Tubulars on brakeless on street?!

Does no one else think that riding brakeless with tubulars on the street is a BAD idea for way worst reasons than, "having to carry spare with you?!"

seems like suicide :/

looks good though

i know,the tubolar is hard

i know,the tubolar is hard to repair,but this set-up is an Extreme build for test!
The Gear 50-15 maybe is ok for speed in some City Circuit like Criterium,but i have the 19T for City trip
i chose the 50T option only for the look, because i think that more pretty than 42T. I know that the 42x12 is lightest.

i have another wheelset for the City Alloy Rims for Clincer,and flat pedal with cages



I'm sorry, but I can't quite see the purpose of your bike. Its not a track bike (bars), its not hillclimber (gearing) and using it for commuting can only be considered a joke. If you have to carry around a spare tubular alot of the weight savings goes to waste (even though its rotaional weight).

So why have you built this bike?

PS. you can lower the weight by quite a bit if you used the smalles gear comination possible. 40/12 fx. Lower wieght on chainring and cog, and alot fewer chainlinks.

Modena is well known for fast, light impractical things...

This is the Ferrari/Lamborghini of fixed-gear bikes cruising around the streets of Modena looking to be looked at. ...I don't blame him for wanting some of the lightest parts on the market, if only because he can. (Extralite's website is really cool and nice parts!) Thanks for sharing this Marco

do fixed street bikes ever

do fixed street bikes ever make sense?

weight weenie stuff never makes sense, it's a because you can bike geek thing.
spare tubular + tubular glue ribbon (don't know what its called in english) to make it home in case of a flat, don't see the problem, also you never have snakebites with tubs. agreed on the chainring cog combo can shave at least 200 grams.

really cool project, was thinking of doing something like this before with an aluminum track frame and only lightweight aluminum parts and see how low i could go.


Of course fixed street bikes make sence. :) They are super efficient, super reliable and have nippy geometri for around town.

Glue ribbon = tape ;)
Tubulars does not really offer any real weight savings because you have to carry around a spare if you're training on the road or commuting, and they are alot more expensive than the equivelant quality clincher. If you have a flat, you can change them in 5min with tape if you are good so in that part its the same as clinchers, except the price and the fact that the tub have to have been pre-strecthed for several days. And what if you were unlucky enough to puncture twice in a day? Even if you do care to repair them afterward, often, only half of them are repairable.
Regariding rolling resistance clinchers have proven superior for about a decade. So the only real advantage of tubs is "feel" which some say is superior, a little bit of rotational weight and maybe some extra puncture resistance. But you do pay a surtain price, thats for sure.

yeah clinchers are so faster

yeah clinchers are so much faster, thats why noone in the pro peloton ever uses them

i know alot of people riding tubulars day in day out, carry an older stretched tub with them, still dont see the big disadvantage. try riding tubulars for a while, 'some say it feels superior' everyone that ever rode them say its superior.

on top of that these tufo tubs are so much lighter than any inner tube clincher combination, even carrying a spare would be lighter anyways.

Pretty much the first Pista

Pretty much the first Pista I like!
These are Ebay's carbon rims right? How are they treating you?

+1. A D2 I actually don't

+1. A D2 I actually don't hate. Despite other comments. I do see the point. And I would ride it. Just because.

I stand corrected. Awesome

I stand corrected. Awesome build man. Check out my Pista Concept.

Crazy Rad! Lets see a scale

Crazy Rad! Lets see a scale photo. Pic or it did not happen. But Yeah Great build, love it man.

Nicest D2 I've seen, bar

Nicest D2 I've seen, bar none.

There's no way this weighs

There's no way this weighs less then 12 pounds... but, if somehow it does... wow.

here on the

here on the scale

other picture here

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