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1975 Raleigh Professional Track "Nigel"         Featured Bike! on 10/14/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | campy | Eur Asia | mavic | MKS | more tags >>
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1975 Raleigh Professional Track

70's Nitto Reversable Track Stem. (60mm) Chopped Nitto Japanese B201aa Riser Bars

Raleigh Fork/Campy

Mavic CXP 33/Philwood High Flange Hub/ Radial Lace

Mavic CXP 33/Philwood High Flange Hub

Campy Pista 170mm Crankset/Campy Record BB

San Marco Rolls/Campy Record Seat Post

MKS/Izumi Super Toughness

EurAsia Polished 18T Cog/ 47T Campy ChainRing/ Oury Grips

This is my baby. Finally finished her after monthes of saving for the right parts.

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Risers and deep V's were the "right parts".

Those aren't deep vees...

Those aren't deep vees...

I stand corrected

I stand corrected. I'm ashamed of myself for missing that, especially when I'm a Mavic buff, and the fact that they don't even resemble deep v's. I guess I just didn't agree with the build, but to each his own.

Beautiful bike! What kind of

Beautiful bike!
What kind of toe clips/straps are you using?

this bike is beautiful. I've

this bike is beautiful. I've always loved the vintage Raleigh track frames. You've done some really great work !


Hey your bike is very megatron! I also wanna know what tires you ride. Can't find it in the comments, brainfreeze.

Nice pics

Great lighting and PP, sick bike


Bring your bike down next time you're in town...


Hey, what tires are those?

Great pics, awesome bike.

I just finished my 1975 Pro Track and for a while, I was jealous of the older red/blue frames like this, but my "ugly and proud" team colors have grown on me. I have Cinelli #14 drops but do like to rock risers and clinchers on the street sometimes so, inspired by your sweet stem/bar set up, I looked for a Nitto reversible stem as well. I found one from the 70's that I thought was different than this one, but taking a second look, Its the same one. What an awesome stem for a riser setup. -Sugary_Otis

That skid pic looks like

That skid pic looks like it's on the UW campus.....

EnDub f0 lyf3 m0fuck4$

Likely not a '75

Beautiful bike. I have one, too, but am selling on E-bay because I need the cash. See:

I believe you're off a year or two on your frame, if that matters to you.

The '75 and '76 Raleigh Professional Tracks were orange and yellow:

The '73-'74 Pro's were red and blue, like yours:


xprmntl is right

It's the earlier Raleigh Pro Track for sure. 75 and on had the red/yellow/black Team Colors with later Team colors working in BLACK via the headtube. Regardless, this is one of the standout bikes on Velospace, obviously a fixed gear establishment, even as fixed gear has become a "Thing" more than anyone imagined (almost painfully so). Ironically, or not, it's bikes like THIS that make the ones that will begin appearing at Wal-Mart and Target seem like ersatz paw prints. While I might prefer drops, this is one helluva frame and just an uber classic.

my local shop has one of these frames in,

but it is a 1965. I am going to go grab it asap, hopefully.

Beautiful bike by the way! I hope mine comes out as well as yours!

I saw your bike on here..

And thought, "Wow, this is what my bike would look like if it was actually nice... and not a conversion..."


This bike is perfect. Classy... very

...This is absolutely

...This is absolutely stunning. One can only dream of having a bicycle like this.

I think my new bike is the

I think my new bike is the older brother to yours.


probably the most beautiful Raleigh frame I've ever seen,
and arguably the most beautiful bike I've seen on here.

Super clean!

Super clean!

Your handlebars

do they come in purple?
where can i get some?!

that's a beautiful bike

but if you ever come to iowa with that thing, i'll take it for a while go arund and have some fun with it. just to mess with you, i'd return it and say i found it somewhere. :P

I will have you know

THIS is a gentleman's bike.

Shit yeah!

. . .


style for miles


your bike is one of my faves in seattle.





lovely bike and one of the

lovely bike and one of the few red-blue ones i like. then again, i like this one a LOT! your stem-handlebar combination is sexy as hell. just what i like.

god your bike is RAD!

god damn your bike is RAD!


always doin it big! Cars, bikes and photography. You got it on lock!


Dont ever come to portland.

i WILL steal this from you.


it's like my bikes wet dream.

I hope you like riding it as

I hope you like riding it as much as I like looking at it. Great build.


sure is your baby


'boot-i-full' as they say in the west cun-tree!

great build!

your bikeis really rad!

your bikeis really rad!

Yea just a beautiful looking

Yea just a beautiful looking bike. Very nice job!

Sure turned out great

Nice job on the build, it is gorgeous, patience certainly is your friend on bike builds.

Great photos! do you do them

Great photos! do you do them yourself?

jurban designs - id - sfo

Stunning one of my fave

Stunning one of my fave bikes of all time. What size is that nitto stem?

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