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Vivalo Pro Keirin

Bike tags: Track bike | 55.5cm | keirin
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Vivalo Pro Special NJS, oversize Kaisei 8630R tubing

Nitto B123 NJS/Nitto pro jaguar NJS

Vivalo aero fork/Hatta NJS

Dura Ace 7600 NJS/Araya GOLD NJS/Asahi NJS spokes/SOYO NJS tubular

Dura Ace 7600 NJS/Araya GOLD NJS/Asahi NJS spokes/SOYO NJS tubular

Sugino 75 NJS/Sugino S-Cubic NJS chainring/Hatta R9400 NJS

kashima NJS/Nitto jaguar NJS 30mm

Suntour Superbe pro NJS/MKS clips/MKS NJS straps/DID Racing Pro NJS chain

Suntour Maeda NJS cog/51x17

this is the 7th frame made in the month of October, 2002. by Shuichi
Kusaka at his factory in Kansai, Japan

updated pics soon

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It's Perfect.


nitto B123's are much deeper than the B125, that could
be confusing you


the jag stem looks so good on your bike.
do you know which handlebars those are? they look huge compared to other nitto bars i've seen!

Congrats on the full njs set

Congrats on the full njs set up. My bike is almost there but I ride my bike too much in the streets to get some araya tubulars. I ditched my deep v's and just put some mavic for that low profile look. It's not quite the same but what else can I do.


Damn, congrats on such an awesome bike




full njs?

njs mm hmm

thanks for the comment. you have done a great job, yourself. keep on keeping on.

great bike

thats a beautiful bike. great job.


Those colors are my fav on a bike.


looks soo nice!


brothers from the same maker!

came out really nice. clean

came out really nice. clean and simple.


I'm glad you decided to go with silver deep v's. good choice! can't wait to see the final product


I will paypal you money I swear to god, finish it!!!!

ha yeah,

ha yeah, it doesn't bother me much that vivalo lost their NJS status.its a beautiful frame regardless. in a few years they'll be more desirable since they dont make them anymore and the value may go up, i.e. 3rensho and Reminton. besides I dont plan on racing keirin.....

to bad

i can't read anything in that link you posted. oh and call me. we need to get our ride on, after the tsunami and update those photos.


nice sparkly paint job. looks pretty damn clean. njs certified or not. does it matter? still a sick bike.

Its a shame....

that Vivalo lost there njs certification. Scrap the frame, it will not all be njs now.


thanks man.i'm in the process of building up a set of 36hole Dura Aces to a low pro Araya..


This is the only Vivalo frame I've ever seen that I actually like. You've started off well too. Can't wait to see the complete bike. I'd like to see those Dura-Aces on a low pro polished rim though.


its hard to really capture the paint job..out in the sun it looks more baby blue with metal flake.
But in subdued light it looks deeper with tons of rainbow sparklies!

Get that thing in the Sun...

and let it SPARKLE!


haha very soon! Im waiting on a couple more parts,but
aerospoke has a backorder of about 3weeks

looking good so far..

looking good so far..


Ahhhhh, The suspense is killing me, finish that thing!!!

We're eager to see some

We're eager to see some progress.. get building bro!


oh but i am!

nice looking bike...

...but please tell me you're not going to seriously ride it with a home trainer tire!


was curious if you could tell me what kind of risers those are...


Very creative...looking forward to some progress!

tee19 copy

hehe wow thats a little scary.




You are just that hardcore, not to run a chain. Cant wait. Get on the frame search!


Love the drawing, can't wait to see the bike.


Same colours as the t19 grew member bike!
Almost same set-up 2.

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