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Parker Lewis' pink PANASONIC KEIRIN bike fromOSAKA

Bike tags: Track bike | panasonic japan keirin njs track frame bike hatta nitto straight bar araya gold hoshi suzue sugino 75 carbon disc dura ace shimano mks rx1 pedals kashimax kashima 5gold five gold
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PANASONIC NJS KEIRIN frame/fork TANGE 565/565mm

Osakan small batch specials! Custom Pink - Nitto Pro AA NJS stem (alum)

Panasonic Tange NJS, Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS

retro Dura Ace NJS, tied NJS spokes, Araya GOLD World Champion NJS tubular

7600 Dura Ace NJS, Araya GOLD World Champion NJS tubular / Sugino 75 Honeycomb core Carbon Disc

Dura Ace NJS 167.5, Dura Ace NJS BB

Kashima 5GOLD white NJS (8), Nitto Jaguar NJS

MKS RX-1 NJS pedals, MKS Sports Fit A NJS black straps, MKS aluminium NJS clips.

Sugino 75 46T chainring, Dura Ace NJS 13T sprocket (perfect for Osaka's flat wide smooth roads)

All my NJS Frames/Parts for sale here....

Everyone keeps emailing about where to get these rounded straight bars, please email me at [email protected] and I will place a custom order for you with my friend Kenchan.

Just got this sexy 380mm bar from my friend in Osaka, who make to order in 320/350/380mm in about 1000 different colours! The rounded ends make me want to wriggle around on the carpet.
Pics of the whole bike once I put the blue rear tyre on (after the yellow one busts)

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Nice Paintjob.

By far the best Panasonic paintjob I've seen. Its got to be a custom refurb, right?

cool handlebars

they look like a dildo. the "double-ender" if ya know what i mean.


man you're crazy...

Nice bars. lol.

Did you buy buy those handlebars at a bike shop or at a sex shop?


this is my favorite bike, in the world.

I love your builds!! keep it up!


looks like it would fit nicely up my butthole
also just wondering whats up with all the fixed gear bikes on this site with brakes?


kids that

are new to riding fixies are recommended to have a front brake for some extra help, also if you dont like burning through tires

brake lever

what's the brand of that brake lever?

nice one!

lovin them bars... did you make them.. clean.
nice one


where do you put the batteries?

very true...that's a

very true...that's a straight up vibrator.

I'm sure

many women (and some men) would want to ride the pink handlebars, oh puns...


can you pass on an email or something so we can contact the shop?

sexy bar

did you mail order this bar from japan? if yes, which bike shop? what is the brand of the bar?
i was going to get one at CARNIVAL bike shop in tokyo but they were out of stock when i was there!

pink handle bar....

I live in Osaka, so ordered it at my local pisuto shop, took 2 weeks. They can have it done in about 1000 plus colours. Brand not sure.

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