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colnago mexico pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear
Bike photo
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frame: colnago mexico pista
components: campagnolo and cinelli
hrrundel dot com (no link, just a suggestion)

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Nice Looking Fixed-Gear Bicycle

Is this a replica or restoration? 'Looks like it is in really good condition! ...Are you related to Kim Dotcom,-it's a funny thought imagining him riding this bike. Thanks for sharin'

Nice one again!I will soon

Nice one again!

I will soon redo my stuff add 20 new bikes.

do it, man

just make sure you spell out every part on each bike
...or you're gonna hear it

Blog's dope


don't be spammin' now ;D

bike components detailed etc...


the photography is sublime as the bikes.



Spam? Just a link to a


Just a link to a website with no details on the bike?

Maybe. I believe Hrrundel

Maybe. I believe Hrrundel thinks that those interested in this kind of bike will either recognize the frame and parts or do some research to find out about them. I myself think that either way is slightly arrogant.

Nice bike for sure! :)

He's just lazy

He's just lazy



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