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Jim Miele Gara Road Issue

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Jim Miele Gara Road Issue/62cm/1991

Specialized compact drop bars / RaceFace Cadence on a 1" threaded to threadless adaptor

Columbus Cromo/Tange doublenut

Neuvation M28x/Serfas SECA

Mavic CXP22/105 hub/Serfas SECA

Shimano 105 squaretaper 170mm crankarms w/ NOS 53-39 105 rings / Shimano BB w/ modified italian thread lockring spacer for driveside chainline

Traitor Diamondstitch/Promax

cheap SPDs/SRAM 9 spd

Ultegra 9spd bar-end/Shimano 600 FD/Shimano 105 RD

Tektro R536 med reach up front/ 105 short reach behind / Crappy Tektro aero levers

53/39 NOS 105 rings on vintage 105 squaretaper 170mm crankarms/new SRAM 9spd 11-28 cluster

120 psi

Canadian Colnago...this frame TOTALLY rules. Incredibly light, tight, nimble and stiff.

This frame was found in an alley with an older Nitto quill rust fused into the headtube. Hours of hacking, hammering, pounding did absolutely nothing to free it. Only an overnight soak in a certain solvent did the trick and it slid right out.

I wanted to build an affordable century-rider and as I live and ride in and around Seattle and the North Cascades, there would be LOTS of climbing so I needed a sturdier cockpit than a quill could provide. Leaving the 26Ø world behind, I put in a 1"threaded to threadless adapter and upgraded to 31.8Ø bars.

This week I put on new wheels, a Neuvation M28x up front, and a much more solid CXP22 on a new 105 hub in the rear. Switched all the old downtube 6 speed stuff over to a new 9 speed cluster w/ bar end shifting as I have a perfect fit in the brake hoods as is and didn't want to take this bike into integrated brifter land.

One thing became clear, the BB shells on these Miele frames are ITALIAN THREAD, so my new splined Octalink BB and Hollowtech 105 crankarms were NOT going to work out, so I popped the new rings on the original crankarms and chainline was too close to the frame causing significant rub against the backside of the large ring while running on the small. As it was difficult to track down an italian thread spacer, one was fabricated from an IT lockring w/ the threads ground out.

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sorry for my language

I recently built up a Miele and am 100% loving it!! Great bikes!

Yeah man, super pumped on

Yeah man, super pumped on these things. They're pretty rare too. Great bikes!

Fantastic build!

For a frame found in an ally it looks to be in very good shape! Did you use rust preventer inside the frame before building this up? Two of your pictures are missing the right side bar end shifter - were you running it as a single speed then?

This guy, as a

This guy, as a dumpster-find, actually has a slight kink in the TT near the headtube from a frontend crash in a previous life. It rides perfectly fine, but on account of its compromised integrity, I forwent the rust protector and am just enjoying whatever life I get out of her!! I don't, however, ever ride this guy in the rain, I've got a couple other rainbikes more for those I think she'll likely be alright.

Just completed my second double-century on 'er last weekend!!

(The missing RD/right-hand shifter was simply on accounta it being a work-in-progress, the philosophy being (('cept for the rear wheel)) to do the entire thing as a craigslist/used-bin build, upgrading as it made sense to do so)

twins kind of

twins kind of

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